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Few things are more frustrating than a throttle that doesnt respond at all. Refine view all. Dont make that mistake right at the start of your adventures with your new electric bike. The controller after 10 miles only has 1 bar left out of 5. Worn-out, missing, or damaged components could lead to problems in power transmission resulting in unwanted interruptions of power flow. Nakto. Note that youll have to disconnect some cables before you do this. At times it's fine oother times it'll just die on me. 4 8. Was it a sudden start to the problem or gradual? They dont need to be completely discharged before recharging. However, if it doesnt hold the charge, your lithium-ion cell is faulty. That way, even if you accidentally press on the throttle too hard and the bike shoots forward, you wont have to worry about damaging anything or hurting anyone. I would suggest going to someone who has a basic knowledge of electronics and try to change the key switch with an identical one or search for any visibly damaged cables. Youll more than likely see 2 cables that look the same. Remember above where we said too high a heat and your battery will degrade. This time it will be up to them to see if they can help but it will now more than likely be a new battery. If all else fails, you can ask a local shop for help. No ebike is perfect, this is a thread dedicated to sharing known issues or problems with electric bikes from Nakto as well as any help and solutions you know of. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. $539.95. Of course, you can still pedal faster than 25 km/h, but you wont get any assistance from the main motor. Check the Battery Prongs. There are plenty of electric bike batteries and chances are one will fit your e-bike. The step through Nakto City Electric Bike takes a traditional European style handle bar bike, and makes it one of the World's best electric commuter bikes. ElectricScootering.com participates in affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates Program and other adserving platforms such as Adsense. This point is closely related to the previous one. More often than not, the feedback magnets - positioned on the pedal crank or the rear wheel hub - for the proximity switch get dirty. I also found the bushing loose on the bike side and tightened it also. With a wonderfully balanced 68 lbs bike Fram, this urban e-bike features a lithium powered long range (20 mile max range) battery fueled by a rear hub 36V 250W motor. Reinstall the battery and try to turn on the bike. rich c Well-Known Member. If they can confirm that theyre faulty, then youll want to replace them entirely. Get special offers, exclusive product news, and event info straight to your inbox. If you notice your eBike battery isnt running as long as it used to, check the following: Any of the scenarios mentioned above could lead to your battery discharging rather quickly. Secure the E-Bike in the stand so the E- Bike is at an angle it would be in if it were upright on level ground. You should also check the brake cable tension and adjust it if necessary. Its so useful, I have another problem . The 360Wh battery also gives this bike a surprisingly good . Also, check the fuse or circuit breaker. Lets suppose the throttle doesnt respond at all when you press or twist it. Just a thought. ModWheel Direct Mid Drive Electric Bike Kit. I went and checked my connection and battery. Snip zip tie excess so it is flush and smooth. If your e-bike isnt turning on, be sure to check if the main switch is in the On position. Most quality electric bikes feature a switch on the back and front brakes to stop the drive motor. agarg_1; Feb 2, 2023; Maintenance and Repairs; Replies 16 Views 464. We highly recommended not to leave the battery charger plugged into your electric bike for more than 12 hours. Assistance by consignor or JJ Kane Auctioneers is not assured.) $475.95. Then, tighten the brake cable by loosening the brake cable stopper, pulling the brake cable tight, and re-tightening the brake cable stopper. Keep an eye out for the headlights beam shining on the cardboard. Check that the e-brake lever is not damaged or engaged. That is a standard component on most electric bikes - and, again, its role is to ensure that you conform to road rules. Once its fully charged, test the battery by leaving it off the bike. A Li-ion battery can store 150 watts of electricity per kilogram. Does your bike have the GearSensor attachment that cuts the motor briefly when shifting? Check the Battery Charger. Join the Electric Bike Forum . Just a quick question about jumpstarting the battery through the discharging port, I have a ebike battery that was left idle for almost a year and Im not able to charge it through the normal charging port. Err 30 is a generic error code that bafang uses as a catchall. You dont want to get trigger happy and run your battery at high amp setting either. It may not display this or other websites correctly. The Nakto Camel F is a cruiser city style ebike. There are multiple ways to do this. But remember that theyre there for a good reason: to prevent your e-bike from damaging itself. If the indicator light illuminates when the charger is plugged into the electric bike, then the wiring and the wiring connectors going to the charger port as well the charger port itself are working. Bicycle Universe also participates in other affiliate programs and advertising platforms. Placentia Warehouse: 1683 Sierra Madre cir, Placentia, CA 92870. I then have to remove the battery and then put it back in. If you can get your hands on a multimeter, you can perform a battery load test while your ebike is running. How well check to see if it is a charger issue is that well try and power your electric bike with the charger. 2. Youll have a good battery and a bad BMS, to resolve this youll need to try a jumpstart on your battery. Throttle works intermittently. Check the motors power transmission system for missing parts. In any case, knowing how to troubleshoot common problems of ebikes is valuable information for anyone owning an electric bike or thinking about buying one. No matter what kind of e-bike throttle you use, youll find that it has something called a Hall Effect Sensor inside. Well even point to some solutions to fix those problems, which you could do at home as a DIY repair job or hire a qualified repair person to do for you. Theres nothing worse than having to spend hundreds or thousands on an eBike only to have problems with its battery. Paint & Body Repair; Building & Construction. Check the Ebike Battery. They are Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) or Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries. Make sure that your bike can power-up: the LED's indicator lights should light up, as should the bike's display screen. Pedal assistance . He said he would contact Bafang to see how to trouble shoot it. Thats why all e-bike owners must understand how to troubleshoot and fix an e-bike with a throttle problem. Disconnect those wires from the controller. There is typically a minimum speed that will activate the drive motor. Swagtron Swagcycle App Control Collapsible Neck Electric Bike. The only way to check if the battery is swollen is to drop the lower plate and take out the battery pack. 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If the indicator light doesnt illuminate or even blink on and off when the charger is plugged into the wall, then youre dealing with a defective charger. Call us (714) 603-7182 (Mon.-Fri. 5 Days from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm). I come home charger is red for 30 minutes I leave it's fine then it dies. 500C Electric Bike Display. Doing that is easy enough, as long as youre able to solder the wires to the new sensor yourself. We will start with a word of caution about charging your electric bike battery. To test the output voltage of your battery charger, you can use a multimeter or voltmeter. In general, the wires should be color-coded so you can match the same color wire with the same color the outlet. Please read our Privacy Policy. This common eBike battery issue is often wrongly diagnosed. Think of the controller as the processor of your ebike operating system. Your email address will not be published. It appears to be in place. Sounds loose connection,to your battery. Get special offers, exclusive product news, and event info straight to your inbox. Try readjusting it as well. To read more about our privacy policy click here. In this article, were going to cover everything you need to know about troubleshooting your e-bikes throttle problems. Since I can remember, I have always had regular bikes and mountain bikes. I have used two chargers and they all cut out at 81.5v-82v, sometimes 80v, do you know what could be the problem. $539.95. When Im using switch as well as kicking the bike, the battery or controller will shutdown and it will back to normal if I charged it for a second. LCD control panel instruction for fat tire e-bike, Placentia Warehouse: 1683 Sierra Madre cir, Placentia, CA 92870. My battery seems to charge. While most e-bike throttles share the same common problems, some will be unique to the throttle type you have. If your battery pack lasts less than 30 to 20 minutes, chances are its worn out and you have to replace it. KT-LC5 (pdf) Download. When charging a battery to 100%, for more range, dont leave it like that for more than a day. Has the fuse blown in either the eBike battery pack or the charger? Regards. Thank you for understanding. The battery problem of your Nakto electric bike is potentially apparent. If so, then you can contact the manufacturer and file a warranty claim for replacement parts. >>> Check out our article about the best electric scooter accessories here <<<. Clean them with a rag, and you should be good to go. All NAKTO ebikes are covered under our 1-year warranty for the original owner. As youve seen throughout this article, throttle problems are very common when it comes to e-bikes. Monday to Friday. In some cases, these switches can get stuck - leading to their failure. That is just a safety feature - and its usually around 1.8 mph. Get ratings, pricing, and performance for all the latest models based on the features you care about. However, like any other type of battery, they will slowly discharge over time. Do you have a short circuit in the battery, wiring, or motor. Medium.This bike has given me lots of fun but time to move on. The small electric folding bike is one of the most affordable on Urban Bikes Direct. As an Amazon Associate this site earns commissions from qualifying purchases. Some will allow you to select a 100% charge if it does go for that setting. Besides that, disconnected wires could also cause problems for the sensor and the throttle. By ruling out all the other basic problems with your e-bike, youll be able to confirm that it is indeed a problem related to the throttle. Do this slowly and dont put any strain on the battery. 12 reasons not to buy. I go home put charger unn port for battery they say it's fine. A. If your battery pack is particularly choking when under load, then the issue could be that the battery management system is shutting it off to protect your battery pack from overeating. Traffic jams or market milieus, nothing can slow you down as the Aostirmotor A20 manoeuvres through traffic jams like a glider. For the discharging port, after youve got you results youll want to check our results list below. Does something need to be reset? Doing that will rule out many possible causes early on and prevent you from accidentally purchasing expensive spare parts you might not actually need. Now, would be the time to take your electric bike back to your dealer. It might be the first time you rode as, In the world of electric bikes, there are numerous capacities of batteries which add more power to your push pedal bike. If it works without a problem, then you can be sure that the source of your problem is within your throttle itself. I have the same problem. It provides reliability, safety, and maximum convenience at an affordable price. Roshans advice was to check magnet placement on the rear wheel. If you notice that your eBikes battery pack has a bulge in it, be sure you turn off the power and carefully remove the battery from your eBike. If your eBike hasnt been charged for a more extended period, it would be a good idea to give it a top-up - and see how it goes. The Nakto Camel F uses 26 X1.75" wheels with a Schrader valve. Malfunctions of the power or pedal assist system on your ebike may cause issues associated with pulsating or occasional power cut-offs. $475.95. Call Us : 1-855-9977297. This just happened to mine. This bike uses a different brake styles for the front and the rear, and it also affects how the wheel can be taken off. Often than not, a severe voltage drop means that one or more cells in your battery pack have been damaged. It was 90% change and just died. Furthermore, it offers a hassle-free cycling experience at a decent speed for an ideal ride. If engaged, this will keep the throttle / motor from operating. Used locktite blue on all and havent had another issue. After doing this, youll want to carry on charging your battery like normal. Ive been watching YouTube on how to pull crank apart and trying to bone up on how to videos about motor swap. I was lucky and had a second bike to help isolate the issue (worked on my bike but not wifes). Forums. NAKTO SUPER CRUISER ELEC. For ebikes with a fuse, you can simply remove it and hold it against some light to see if its burned out. Doing this should give you a positive reading; a negative reading means that the battery probably has been miswired at the factory. . repair, or just want to come by and have a look at our eBike showroom stop by our electric bike repair shop located at 3330 Kurtz Street, San Diego, CA. The bike is brand new less than 100 miles on it. When charging a battery to 100%, for more range, don't leave it like that for more than a day. Do your batters have a strong smell to. Feb 3, 2023. harryS. Overall Score: 7.9. That sensor looks like a small electronic component with three legs that should be connected to wires. Is there a connector that I can purchase that plug into the charger that I can connect to the discharge pins? So I turned the key to the off position and the motor stopped. In the US and EU, there are two main types of battery fitted to electric bikes. If youve dropped your ebike, then a part of the handlebars may have been damaged. You use the first 5 or so of your charge-discharge cycles to complete this task. You then choose the new capacity for your battery, which influences the range. All NAKTO ebikes arrive 90% assembled plus free assembly service available now. Additionally, you need to check the battery charger port. Ordering online and your bike will be completely assembled and ready to pick up in-warehouse. If your battery isnt charging, start by checking the following: That is entirely normal - and will, unfortunately, only get worse as time goes on. If the charger passes the above test, this does not mean it is not an issue with the charger though weve just made it less likely to be the charger, youll want to look at the battery. An ebike will work smoothly only when all the parts are functioning properly. If you repeat this in a nice and relaxed manner youll have the battery balanced before you know it, itll still be a long process though. If the battery is good, the headlight will dim just a bit when you give the ebike full throttle. What makes the BMS switch the battery off and how do I solve this? They dont like high temperatures. This NAKTO E-bike product is also known as the Camel model. Wow fantastic information! Electric bike batteries can have problems that fit into one of two camps. However, in some chargers, the LED light will turn off completely when the battery is charged. The speed controller is the component that sends signals to turn on the battery pack. Common Electric Bike Errors. My Chinese folding bike stopped working so I banged it up and down on its stand and that made it work but not in a controllable way. Local Delivery & Pick-Up Ordering online and your bike will be completely assembled and ready to pick up in-warehouse. Dont get me wrong; e-bike batteries are built to last - but theyre still prone to failure if they arent adequately taken care of during their lifetime. Next, youll want to double check the battery charging procedure in your manual, and then plug the charger into your battery. If so, check that connection too. There are several reasons for such malfunction including aging, too frequent charge cycles, improper battery management, and a manufacturing defect. Test the bike fully before riding. Powerful rear hub Motor. Are your eBikes wheel bearings freely spinning? Pull them apart and ensure the connection is tight. Well spoke with Roshan and he was a bit stumped by the error codes. The brake cutout sensors work. Required fields are marked *. Even though DIY maintenance can be easy to perform, its still best to bring your electric bike to a service shop if youre not fully confident in your skills. No one tests electric bikes like we do. Give the electric bike full throttle while engaging the brake on the rear without locking it up. Besides having a throttle that doesnt work at all, another frustrating problem to have is a throttle that only responds intermittently. If theyre damaged or worn out, replace them right away. The bottom line? This NAKTO 20 Inch Fat Tire Electric Bike adopts the 48V 10Ah built-in battery, 350W high-speed brushless motor, Shimano 6-speed, front and rear disc brake, a bright front light, 3 riding mode--electric bicycle&pedal assist(PAS)&normal bike, you can ride on the mountain or beach. Another thing to keep an eye out for is the possibility of your battery arriving already pre-aged. Required fields are marked *, Hi I just bought a new e bike First time i have used it all was fine When i wanna charge it for 1st time there has been no charge sept by the battery.