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It has a 20-year-old single malt vibe thats filtered through a really accessible sip of bourbon. Now infuriated residents are demanding the company and the county answer for the . Starting in 2018 and making their first barrels available in 2020, Nashville Barrel Company is a relative newcomer. The whiskey is partially aged in Oloroso sherry casks before its finished in rare French Premier Cru Sauternes wine casks. (Stella) the staff at NBC are next level. If youre just a fan of damn good whiskey, then this is a must-buy too. It's a blend of 4-year-old and 7-year-old Indiana . After about three months, those barrels were batched and this whiskey was bottled. And as luck would have it, I just happened to be on hand to participate. Bo.. $74.99 $77.99 Nashville Barrel Rye Whiskey After we selected our barrel, signed the barrel head, and took our group photo with it, Mike asked, Would anyone like a bottle to take with them?. Single Barrel Bourbon Nashville Barrel Co. ABV: Varies Average Price: $90 The Whiskey: Nashville Barrel Co. is doing some of the best work in the bottling game, full stop. It has not Changed since. It has more dried fruit towards the back palate. Nashville Barrel Co Single Barrel Bourbon - 6yr - #891 - The James + The Godfather $119.99 Glencairn - NBC Logo $14.99 Nashville Barrel Co 8yr Single Barrel Bourbon - 1128 - Bourbon Finds $139.99 Nashtucky - 8yr Single Barrel Bourbon - #2739 - Slush Fund $129.99 Perfect Dram Tasting Glass - NBC Logo $14.99 That whiskey rests for five years before its batched and re-barrelled into 59-gallon port casks from Portugal. This whiskey also supports veterans in getting the medical care and assistance they need once they return home. Price: $34 BUY NOW. Review #1: Nashville Barrel Company Straight Bourbon Whiskey Barrel #1005 - Selected by T8KE. Nashville Barrel Co Distillery and Whiskey Taproom with Tours. Nashville Barrel Company Small Batch Rye Whiskey Batch 1 is easy to appreciate, and thanks to its manageable 100 proof, is a good rye for whiskey drinkers of all levels. Company: Nashville Barrel Company. After resting for about 30 seconds and a slight swirl, I started to sniff out some caramel, vanilla . They took two runs of Indiana distilled ryes that they knew would complement each other and become a perfect duet.This is a blend of 4 and 8-year-old rye whiskey distilled in Indiana with a mash bill of 95% rye and 5% malted barley.. Holly's Tasting Notes: Toffee, kettle corn, caramel corn, juicy apples . 26/30. Palate: The taste starts off sweet with a cotton candy depth that then turns toward old cedar planks, worn leather, and a hint of savory herbs like thyme and sage. Overall, that makes this the perfect whiskey for someone looking for something local, tasty, and more on the crafty side of things. Its a nice balance of bold and unique with familiar and ideal. We use cookies (soaked in whiskey) to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Nashville, TN 37210 (615) 891-1046. Nashville Craft Traditional Bourbon Whiskey. About: Nashville Barrel Company is an NDP based out of Nashville, TN. Being a single barrel, variations will occur, but as our first taste of their bourbon, Im really interested in seeing if their aging continues to have a positive effect on their bourbon because this single barrel was a knockout.Note that Nashville Barrel Company printed our logo on the sample bottle provided to us. The juice is made from the same wheated bourbon recipe as Buffalo Traces Weller and Pappy lines. Nashville Barrel Co. overall. Back to All VIP. 2023 Nashville Barrel Co Those whiskeys were batched in Kentucky and bottled as-is. The new, limited-release beer was aged in As the American whiskey industry has continued its relentless evolution, theres been an interesting shift in the direction of that most valuable commodity: hype. Palate: The palate holds onto that savory fruit before some ABVs kick in with a nice mix of woody spices and burnt sugars. Then theres the brewery owner. To simulate the barrel finish, we mixed in a couple drops of honey with the whiskey. People started talking about our barrels. Nightlife, Food & Drink, Tours, Distillery Tours, Bar, Club & Pub Tours, Distilleries More. Brass tacks, youll want to grab a case of this before Passover arrives and this disappears for another year. A few hours later, I returned to that tasting room for a private bourbon barrel selection. The difference is that the mash is loaded from fully cleaned stills and pipes into kosher barrels (that means the barrels were specially made and purchased under the watchful eye of a rabbi from the Chicago Rabbinical Council). I loved both of them - especially #197, which is currently a top 10 all-time bottle for me. Our Tequilas are hand-picked from only the finest suppliers in Mexico & expertly curated . Finally, those barrels are batched, proofed, and bottled as-is. This is pulled from single honey barrels that were just too good to cut and bottled at the Fort Nelson Distillery right on Louisvilles Whiskey Row where you can get one after an in-depth tour. After a 7,314-mile trip across America, the barrels were vatted, proofed, and bottled as-is. This whiskey was founded by cinephiles who also happen to be bourbon lovers the Lucky Seven moniker is a nod to Warner Bros.s iconic Sound Stage 7. It almost feels like the marrying of the new and old shouldnt work but it just does here. This doesnt taste like any of the MGP-made whiskeys on the list, proving that the people behind these blends are what matter the most when making a good and individual whiskey. This is a great example of blending and the power of unique finishing water. Nashville Barrel Company Small Batch Rye Whiskey Batch 2 is a blend of 4 and 8 Year old rye whiskey. Nashville Barrel Co 5yr Single Barrel Bourbon #1562 - ADHD + Stuff & Whiskey, Nashtucky 8yr Single Barrel Bourbon #2814 - OMWP - Yup. The whiskey is a Tennessee bourbon (some say it must be Dickel) aged for 12 long years in very lightly charred oak. Palate: The palate has a hint of caramel next to vanilla malt with dates, prunes, and raisins leading to dark chocolate-covered dried cranberries with a hint of spiced tobacco. Bib & Tuckers barrel picks are always worth chasing down. Four double golds at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Sign up to receive future product release info. I'd highly recommend. Finish: The end is medium-length and touches back on that vanilla, toffee, pepper, and bitterness on the fade. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment . This is another delicious whiskey that proves that sourcing whiskey is more than just putting whiskey in a bottle. These folks are the mad scientists/magicians working with barrels that are either contract distilled or sourced from a distillery before a blending team finishes and blends those barrels into special (sometimes one-off) whiskeys that are unlike any other. By Friends, For Friends. Take the tour. The gift shop sells limited release bottlings, barware, and clothing youll actually want to wear. Breaking Bourbon did not purchase or pick this barrel for review. Nashville Barrel Company is a proud NDP, which means they do not distill their own bourbon, rye or rum. Come to our distillery and let us show you what the locals drink in our Taproom or do a Whiskey Tour. Barbecue, Beer & Bourbon: Nashville Adventure 38 By Mint Julep Experiences Bus Tours 4 hours Learn the stories behind three of Nashville's most popular food and drink destinations! Finish: The finish holds onto the buzziness as the fruit wood and spice settle into a soft and sweet grit ending. Product Information. Finish: The end stays strong with the spices and tobacco next to a soft vanilla creaminess and slightly salted pasta water finish. has been a menace since the famous liquor company started building six barrel houses in 2018 and launched plans to build 14 more. All Rights Reserved. Filter: Non-chill filtered . That quickly turns to buttered rye toast. Mark Twain said, too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough. A passionate whiskey hunter & gatherer, Brett serves his opinions and reviews just like his bourbon - straight and not watered down. Then I get to complete the final leg of the journey, he continued, when we chop up the barrel staves and use those wood chips to smoke meat. Kevin certainly knows how to speak my language. Along with his 13-year-old son Gavin, the father-son duo sells honey under the brand name Two Gs Plus Bees. Stats Nashville Barrel Company Straight Rye Whiskey Rare Release Single Barrel Selected by Bourbon Finds Barrel 155 Aged 8 Years 117.12 Proof Distilled in Indiana Retail Price: $100 Poured Neat in a Glencarin Color: Dark Amber Nose: As soon as I poured this, a scent of spearmint filled the Glen. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. If youre attending a movie night with friends, this is the bottle to bring along. This is sourced from Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee bourbons (though thats likely to change since Heaven Hill bought the brand). BRAND. A little background. Mon - Wed: 9am - 5PM. There was plenty of variation to play with due to differences in mashbills, ages (five or seven years), and cooperages (barrel producers). Get some before its gone forever. This is just excellent whiskey. We don't have the last name of Taylor, Daniels, or Craig. Tennessee- Nashville Barrel Company is known for offering their hand selected barrels to individuals and groups to select and call their own. This is far and away the best whiskey on the list. Nashville Barrel Co Single Barrel Honey - #2G2 Bundle w/ Agave + Rye, Nashville Barrel Co Single Barrel Rye Whiskey - 10yr - #479 - Stella's BDay, Nashville Barrel Co 6yr Single Barrel Rye - 7039 - #Megstrong, Nashville Barrel Co 10yr Single Barrel Rye - #639 - Rye Not Roses, Nashville Barrel Co Single Barrel Combo - 9yr Rye + 6yr Bourbon - The Godfather + The James Collab, Nashville Barrel Co - Pm Spirits Collab - 5 Year blend, Nashville Barrel Co Single Barrel Bourbon - 6yr - #891 - The James + The Godfather, Nashville Barrel Co 8yr Single Barrel Bourbon - 1128 - Bourbon Finds, Nashville Barrel Co - 6yr Single Barrel - UPROXX - #923, Nashville Barrel Co Single Barrel Rye - 6yr - #713 - Ye Olde Ride Around England, Nashville Barrel Co Hatch Show Print Poster - 14 x 22 - **FREE SHIPPING**, Nashville Barrel Co Bundle - 5yr Bourbon finished in a Maple Barrel #1667 + 9yr Rye 460, Nashville Barrel Co Single Barrel Bourbon 8yr - 1107 - Snowman - Scott Stallings, Nashville Barrel Co - Small Batch Bourbon - 86 Proof, Nashville Barrel Co Single Barrel Bourbon - 5yr - HR2 - Gift Shop, Nashville Barrel Co Single Barrel Rye - 9yr - #506 - VIP Bottle, Nashville Barrel Co Single Barrel Bourbon - 6yr - #895 - SOB, Nashville Barrel Co Single Barrel Bourbon - 6yr #904 - Tick Ridge, Nashville Barrel Co Single Barrel Rye - 5yr - 6056 - Ace Spirits, Sign up to receive future product release info. Its fascinating, delicious (like, really delicious), and a true outlier. Like everything else at Nashville Barrel Company, there would be no corners cut. Thats when he took me up a small hill around the back of the property and showed me where the new music pavilion is going to be. Others were tweaked and fine-tuned until there were smiles all around. In fact, Blantons effectively put single barrel on Website Managed and Owned by the Nashville Bourbon Barrel group 2018, Goose Islands Secret Bourbon County Stouts, 13 Things You Need to Know About Blantons. This version of Jeffersons famed Oceans Series sailed through the North Sea, around Europe, along the Atlantic Seaboard, and through the Panama Canal before ending up in New York City. At the very least, sipping this whiskey will highlight the power of proofing water on a whiskeys overall flavor profile. Now one of our favorite whiskey brands above all the other across Tennessee and Kentucky. VIP NEVER MISS A DROP // SIGN UP FOR UPDATES ON ALL FUTURE PRODUCT RELEASES. Nose: This opens with a nice mix of old porch wicker (hardcore nostalgia really) next to supple caramel sauce, white pepper, and a sense of savory fruits like figs and maybe some starfruit. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive news and updates. Nashville Barrel Co - Small Batch Bourbon - 86 Proof. However, unlike other NDPs with similar business models, NBC was almost exclusively selling SiBs. Palate: The palate mellows out the cinnamon towards a woody and dry bark as the florals deepen towards summer wildflowers right at the moment that a touch of plums and berries arrive, adding sweetness and brightness. Palate: The palate veers away from all of that and touches on bitter black coffee syrup with brown sugar and butter notes next to oatcakes and vanilla sauce with a hint of spice lingering in the background. This site is intended to help answer some of these questions. NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) Names like Maker's Mark and Jack Daniels make whiskey synonymous with Kentucky and Tennessee. United States. You will like it. Nashville Barrel Co. This is a testament to how iconic MGPs 75/21/4 mash bill bourbon is. It can be a lot, sure, but its also very rewarding. You can also select a half-barrel in some cases for bottling. The bourbon (and rum!) This site is about the discussion, enjoyment and reviewing of dark alcoholic beverages especially those found locally in the Nashville area. Single Barrel Straight Bourbon - There's no info on source or mashbill for this one, but the sample was labeled as seven years old. You'll go behind the scenes to get Recommended by 97% of travelers from $165.00 per adult Reserve Premium Tasting Experience with Guide By Nashville Barrel Co Unlike some other upstarts, they don't seem to have immediate aspirations of opening their own distillery (at least for now). The whiskey in the bottle is a 6-year-and-two-month-old bourbon from MGP of Indiana. ABV . Nose: Dried apricots and prunes lead to a date-rich cake with plenty of cinnamon and nutmeg next to an echo of caramel corn with a flake of salt. Its also one of the rarer releases from the distillery (which is full of rare releases). Snatch it up before its gone forever. Finish: The end has a lightly dried rose vibe with some soft marzipan covered in dark chocolate and layered into an old fruit cake with candied and dried fruits, citrus, nuts, and plenty of dark winter spice. Or between bourbon and rye? Palate: The palate has a hint of caramel malts next to Vanilla Coke, a buttery and spiced apple pie with plenty of brown sugar, and a hint of ginger next to some orange blossoms in the background. After several hours of blending and batch testing the winning blend was revealed to contain one barrel of each of NBC's house profiles. Buffalo Trace Kosher provides a truly kosher spirit that also fully delivers on the palate. Straight from the still, they fill the barrels with their 140 Fire Moonshine and let it age for a full year more info. Saturday - 10am - 6pm. Description: Though Nashville Barrel Co.specializes in single barrel offerings, they know that too often the right combination of multiple special single barrels often produces some of the best small batch Whiskey on the planet, and they feel they've done just that.These batches blend bourbon 5-8 years old and they're always bottled at cask strength to make sure the Whiskey really shines. Palate: The palate delivers on those notes as the tobacco spice amps up before being smoothed out by rich and creamy vanilla, salted caramel, and apricot stone dryness. Nose: Theres a raw pancake batter note on the nose next to mulled red wine with plenty of spice and orange next to a vanilla pudding and light mint waxiness. Nashville Barrel Company Small Batch Rye is bottled at 100 proof and will see you back $60. This is the one and only Old Forester to buy (outside of their limited edition releases that you cant ever find). Regular price $79.99. That expertise was about to join forces with three other masters of their craft for one of the most unique whiskey projects Id ever heard of. Even with this added . Little did we know what would happen next. Nashville Barrel Co. This is a collaboration between PM Spirits, the distributor, and Nashville Barrel Co. They brought in the best people in the state of Tennessee to help make it happen. Nashville Barrel Co. Cask Strength Blend Bourbon 113.6 Proof - Selected by r/bourbon & T8ke $79.99 Add to cart Company: Nashville Barrel Company Distillery: Sourced (From undisclosed distillery in Indiana) Proof: 113.60 Age: 6-Years Bottle Count: 540 Tasting Notes: The nose is sweet and jammy. They only wanted to note the dominant features of each spirit to better pair it with the ideal honey. The power of the finishing water really does make for a unique bourbon-drinking experience thats worth adding to your palates arsenal. Nose: Theres a mild crafty, sweet grain nose that opens toward a pile of freshly chopped firewood, lemon pepper, creamy vanilla-laced honey, winter spices, and Kiwi boot soap. Tasting the honey was a surprisingly similar process. Buy barrels from MGP and sell it with you own label. Shop Nashville Barrel Company! For example, one bourbon I found slightly bitter on its own was transformed into something truly delicious after the honey influence. 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I have had a couple different products. Tiny hint of mint Like opening a fresh pack of fruit licorice. One whiskey just couldnt find a honey match, and nobody was willing to proceed on that one with limited enthusiasm for it. NEVER MISS A DROP // SIGN UP FOR UPDATES ON ALL FUTURE PRODUCT RELEASES. All Rights Reserved. Palate: Apricot leather and apple fritters drive the palate with a spiced cinnamon toastiness next to a light drizzle of salted dark chocolate. Barrel Stock Trading Co. has created a new model for investing in the bourbon and whiskey wholesale market. When the pairings worked, they really worked. Presenting Nashville Craft Traditional Bourbon Whiskey. Nose: Old porch wicker, boot leather, salted caramel candies, vanilla cakes, and a hint of dried mango rolled in salt lead the way on the nose.