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Colt is the Premiere Firearm maker in the History. An astute study of the new Cobras internals reveals several Metal Injection Molded (MIM) parts, including the hammer and trigger. The one concern I experienced was the cylinder latch button lever is loose, it works fine but shakes when I touch it. The trigger guard of the new Colt King Cobra, like those of the new Cobra and Night Cobra, looks as though the gun was dropped on it. The smooth feel of the trigger pull was matched only by the exquisite exterior finish. I would have brought out a King Cobra, just to show the market that they could do the finishing correctly again. Now Im not talking about the 38j frames and all these new LC ours and things that are compact subcompact concealed carry revolvers on talking about the big boys in the only one on the market right now is Smith and Wesson still. Make them utterly premium products and sell them at premium prices. Colt didnt quite get the SF stainless series trigger right- I have a DS-II thats no better than okay, and the Magnum Carry I had was better but not sensational. After I received the gun and had a chance to shoot it for a while, the people at Colt were gracious enough to let me rapid-fire some questions about the new Colt Cobra at them. 327 Meteor. A Colt king cobra with a high gloss polish stainless steel finish two and a quarter maybe two and a half inch barrel I cant remember Ill have to open the safe and look at the Box but I have to agree with you its only a six shot 357 Magnum but it is sexy with original Pachmayr grips. I own a Taurus 605 and the Colt is head and shoulders above it. The Cobra was easy to control, with a very soft recoil. Before they stopped making revolvers they made a Lawman (.357 mag) with a 2 barrel. All this negativity 38s a weak caliber, why isnt it aluminum, a Python, an Anaconda, a 3, a 4, a 5, a 357, blah, blah, blah. Barrel Length: 3 in. Currently there are NO Colts on the roster here, but it is not too difficult to qualify a revolver. Much nicer than my airlite J-frames. Is there any talk from Colt to bring back the other lines of revolver will guns?? And this one froze so bad it was rendered a paperweight on one of the brands most important days of the year? Problem 1 (after one month of ownership) = Broken firing pin (sent to colt, one month to be returned) Problem 2 (after one more month) = Broken hammer exactly like sikov's (sent to colt, one month to return) And it immediately turned heads, winning the 2020 Ballistic's Best Reader's Choice Award for Best Revolve r. . I hope to take it to my favorite dealer, and or call Colt to see if it needs to be sent for a check and repair, which I need to learn is an OK thing to do and more than worth the investment of time, work, and possible be free repair, if it even warrants the need for repair. I just might buy another, just for old time sake. Re-design Phase? The new Kimber revolver at least looks great for the money. Accurate? With its small frame, 2-inch barrel, an unloaded weight of 25-ounces, it makes for an ideal carry or backup gun. I went back and forth between Nighthawk and Colt booths comparing the Cobra and the Skyhawk. Thunderjet. The Python was the pinnacle of the line, the masterpiece. This Cobra looks like a Taurus. As Col. Sam Colt wrote, Be not afraid of man or beast, that walks beneath the skies When danger threatens, call on me and I will equalize!, Sincerely, Theres a market for them today, and Im surprised that Colt didnt jump in with both feet, instead of teasing the market with a hideout gun. As the article says Id love to be wrong about that, but indications seem otherwise. I have had the trigger break on an HK P7 during the first range session. We fed a mix of ammo to the test Cobra with decent accuracy. The Cobra holds 6-rounds, one more than many revolvers the same size. We simply have not had a large selection of revolvers to choose from when it comes to full size revolvers. The Cobra shot well with both loads tested, including this Sig Sauer Elite Performance load. Tauruses triggers might be getting better but thats it Taurus is junk with a capital j. The grips do not stick to clothes. This would never happen if they would have followed the original blueprints of hand fitting the action and the parts that cause the cylinder to rotate such as the Paul and everything else that goes into making a revolver revolve. When. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/Guns.com). Colt CAN make high end firearms, their latest 45/70 custom Gatling gun and BAR 3006 semi auto version are works of art. The SP101 is one hell of a gun. Posts: 787. A big part of the DA revolver market is small frame, and that market is full of high-powered, lightweight models. grip helps. EDC, the Chrome versions seem out of place today Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The grouping opened up only slightly in double-action. If youre short a demonstration gun, perhaps RF could beg, borrow, or swipe an example he could slide your way for that video ? I handled one at my local gun shop and all I can say is WOW! Shroud the hammer to be nearly snag-free. They need to handle a lot more guns from the BG (Before Glock) era. Im a woman and I love this revolver. As for the finish, I carry concealed. I just picked mine up and the trigger pull is 9 lb 13 oz in double action and 4 lb 7 oz in single action. Am I an expert on trigger pull? The first six rounds through the gun were impressive; the double-action pull seemed to roll predictably. And the price is WAY Too much for me to consider. Quick and powerful, it every bit lives up to its namesake. This little wheel gun is my choice since I dont have to worry about jams and all that other stuff which autos may suffer from. When given a choice between a bells-and-whistles K6 for $800+ and a basic Model 605 for around $350, most would go with the 605, especially if theyve got bills to pay. I was at Shot Show when they released that turd. The original DetSpecs in stainless were a bead-blasted finish, very similar to this Cobra. The blued DSs were pretty nice, but not the Royal Blue of the Python. Some new Colt Python problems have been widely discussed online, including heavy single action triggers and a cylinder issue covered by Youtubers like Hickok45, but Colt has taken steps to address the concerns. Or is this their last-ditch effort at trying to make a buck off of something that seems to be poorly put together with a finish that you can get on a Taurus. Model 487T Rifle, 1917 Eddystone Enfield Mfg 4/18 Cal 30-06, Terni 1940XVIII 6.5 Cal, Mauser Spanish . The S&Ws rotate out of the window. We all have a story to tell about or involving a Colt revolver. The Cobra name is actually a little misleading here this will be a steel framed gun, not aluminum like the original Cobra. Reminds of the giant software companies and their vaporware products. All Colts locked up tighter than S&Ws or Rugers, if done correctly at the factory. Feeling that his dad needed something for personal protection, he gave him the Colt Trooper, which served him until he passed away a few years ago. The problem with that was a sharp contrast of the polished muzzle and the blued barrel. Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. As far as Im concerned Night Hawk might as well be make believe. Not true, the Cobra target is a 357 magnum revolver. Very very smooth revolver. The trigger action in DA and SA is incredible. I have Dreamed of owing one. Then re-start the Diamondback and Anaconda. I know every reviewer uses this stupid line, but it shoots like a dream. This is Colts attempt to produce a competitive product that the average Joe can purchase without taking out a long term loan. Massey Hardware, what a magical place that was! I predict we will see lots of variations soon from Colt and I am excited for where Colt is finally going. After WWII, the quality of American gunmaking took the first big step down, with Remington leading the way, and Winchester following them down the chute into the crapper. colt python new price, reviews, problems, the new colt . revolver in 25 years. If you criticize the company because you have legitimate concerns about the quality of its product, fine. Interchangeable red-ramp front sights are a departure from the original pinned style, smartly derived from the Cobra series. They locked up well, but their finish was quite rough by comparison to the Python. He said it was a fluke that I got this NRA model, it has not been officially released but a batch accidentally shipped out. And the option to load from light .32 S&W and .32 S&W Long all the way up to .32 H&R Magnum and finally .32 Federal Magnum. Then when theyd gotten a feel for those, then do a test run of Pythons. Actually, the Boys in Brazil are cranking out some really nice stuff nowadays. Not too light nor too heavy. I may even carry it with some Underwood slugs. The Phlster Floodlight Holster - Concealed Carry Ready, New Legislation Would Create a Centralized Database of Gun, Full Pistol Review ft. If you look at the cost to produce a hand fitted finished American made shotgun your upwards of 3 to 4K. They are awesome. Keep them coming Colt! I dont think I ever saw one in a big gun store unless, again, I had no idea I was looking at one. While manipulating the trigger on the gun, I was impressed by just how nice the trigger felt. Just my $0.10 worth. It will show less wear and tear with use that blued or polished up. You do realize that 38 Special can be fired in 357 Magnum chambered guns..right? Rather than a smoothly swept oval, the trigger guard. Buy a Smith & Wesson. Glad to see Colt offering the new Cobra. There is a definite market. Lower the cylinder release a bit. New Colt King Cobra Target Doesn't Work. In either case, our data indicates that the new Python hasn't impacted the demand for the original. I am one of the Nations Senior Citizen, But I am and avid reader. I can believe its two pounds on single action. The items in this catalog will be sold at a live auction with online bidding starting on Saturday March 18, 2023 @ 9:00am. A Little History According to our friends at Revolvy, the first model of Cobra was made from 1950 to 1971 with a 2-inch barrel. I agree with you that would have been a much better plan of attack. I mean, look at how successful Henry is in a market thats saturated with ARs. Source: Another modification has been made, this one to trigger geometry. Yea, the Cobra version of the Mustang II was a cruel joke on wheels, a cartoon car. I recently handled a new Colt King Cobra at my LGS. ALL of the parts for the Cobra are contracted out and made off site, they are just assembled at the factory. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/Guns.com), Classic Browning Light Twelve Auto-5 Review: Busting Clays With the Old Humpback Shotgun. A. Quote of the Day: D.C. If you're worried about problems with the new Colt Python, be like the rest of us and wait for the bugs to get worked out before you go out and buy one. It is June 27, 2017 and it is still not available anywhere. There was a huge difference. Some of these vintage gems can be found in the, Demand was so strong upon its release, the Cobra was often difficult to find. The new owners understand that abandoning the consumer market was a mistake. Additionally the reason their triger pulls are all over the map is no one left at Colt has any in-depth revolver tuning knowledge. The new Cobra (l.) sports a stainless steel frame whereas the original was aluminum. A. Instead of a high polish it looks like Colt went for a bead blasted exterior. Muzzle jump and flip, commonly associated with small revolvers, is nonexistent on the Cobra. EVEN BETTER THAN THE COLT COBRA is the original DETECTIVE SPECIAL with a 3 barrel Better balance and longer sight radius. You just described, minus the .32 calibers, an original 1950s-1960s era Colt Cobra / Detective Special. Hogue overmolded grips come standard and a red fiber optic front sight comes factory installed. So, Colt has done the hard work for us here. The fit and finish of this gun is crap. It was quite a pleasant surprise to open the cardboard box up and see the familiar blue plastic Colt box inside, securing the new Colt Cobra revolver. Ive never owned a Colt, but that may change when the initial hype cools down. Yeah, the same ol, same ol striker fired polymer affair. I hope it turns out to be a commercial success for Colt they need one. So theres been an opening in the market for somebody like Colt to bring back theyre snake guns and trust me if they can hit it out of the park on this one they will sell. The author was impressed by the design, operation and performance of the new Colt Cobra. The problem here is that many of the writers at TTAG havent been around enough guns that arent made from injection-molded cheez-whiz in their lives. First of all, I like the idea that they made it a bit heavier but I think they made it too heavy. I have had several of the lightweight Smith-Wesson revolvers. From the moment I found out that the Colt Cobra would be reintroduced and that there would be updates and changes made, I had a few questions running around in my head.