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Join us on Sundays at 8am and 11am. Those who are in Grade Level 03 , will earn nothing more than N519,525.6, Those who are in Grade Level 10 , will earn nothing more than N613,363.08. Annual Salary - N108,233. You can also attempt the AP Police Constable Test Series to get an experience of the actual examination. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Assistant Commissioner Of Police Grade 13 (step1), Salary per month 183,185.73 A Police Sergeant on Grade 05 (step 10) is a higher rank of police sergeant with monthly salary of N55, 973.84, and annual salary of N671, 686.08. Police Constable Grade Level 03. A confirmed Inspector is identified with two bars while a Cadet . Your email address will not be published. In the same period, the Niger Coast Constabulary was formed under the newly proclaimed protectorate of Niger Coast in Calabar. Police recruit Salary The salary is ?? A Corporal in step 3 is the same as a 3rd-year corporal. Deputy Inspector General of Police. You have an Area command headed by an Assistant Commissioner of Police and a Division headed by an officer in the level of a Superintendent. This causes operational problems for basic crime control activities due to the limited amount of available officers. Samuel is bent on changing the legal profession by building Web and Mobile Apps that will make legal research a lot easier. According to reports, it is the lowest rank in the Nigerian police force. In 1879, the Hausa paramilitary constabulary was established. COMPOL: Commissioner of Police Annual Salary 878,778.12, Salary per month 87,135.70 It is the non-commissioned officers highest rank. Filter by location to see a Special Constable salaries in your area. When the protectorates of Northern and Southern Nigeria were proclaimed in the early 1900s, part of the Royal Niger Company Constabulary became the Northern Nigeria Police, and part of the Niger Coast Constabulary became the Southern Nigeria Police. We Are Now at the Mercy of Regular Police, says New Intake As Expert Cautions Govt. If you would like to join the Police and want to learn about its ranks and the pay attached to each position, read on. In the 1960s, under the First Republic, these forces were first regionalised and then nationalised. It is also on record that there is about 2000 police stations across the 36 states of the Federation. Visit the Nigeria Police Academy Portal at. Salary includes employer's contribution to superannuation and annual leave loading. They are also responsible for enforcing Nigerian laws and statutes, as well as reducing public unrest. The unit are concerned with crimes related to armed robbery, car snatching, kidnapping and crimes associated with . A police corporal on grade level 04 (10) is another level of the rank of a police officer above the rank of a police corporal on grade 04 (1). 711,498. Annual Salary - N5,997,022.44. Between the Assistant Commissioner and the Commissioner lies this position. A Sergeant Major on Grade 06 (step 10) is a higher level of a Sergeant Major with monthly salary of N62, 204.88, and annual salary of N746, 458.56. Police Officer (Former Employee) - Bureau of Special Investigations (Kingston) - December 11, 2013. . Annual Salary 536,586.36, 3b. A police constable is a newly employed police man who has the lowest rank in Nigeria. The Nigerian Police Salary Structure is quite encouraging compared with other civil service members. Nowadays, the police try as much as possible to extort some money from citizens just to have something to keep up with their wellbeing when the government fails to pay them at the end of the month. Also see: List of schools that accept second choice candidates in Nigeria 2022. Either pay with a Card on the Remita website or print the RRR code invoice, to pay for the online application form in any branch of a Nigerian Commercial bank. At that same period, most police were associated with local governments (who are native authorities). A police sergeant is a lower-ranking officer than a sergeant major. Kwara State Police Command wishes to dissociates herself from a video already spiralling on facebook, regarding a protest by some purported policemen over non-payment of one year salary. Candidates can check the AP Police Constable Previous Year Papers for the effective preparation. Its approach to keeping the Island safe is predicated on the delivery of services at a local level, based on neighbourhood policing. | Privacy Policy. IGP Annual Salary 8,537,976. If you lack any of these, you may not be shortlisted. It is also divided into two grades; A police recruit is someone who is training to become a police officer. DCI Kaduna Annex and Counter-Terrorism Unit. Current timestamp: 27/02/2023 22:06:53 Quickly exit this site by pressing the . The manner the police are structured is the reason community policing is unsuccessful. Here is the Nigeria Police Salary from Recruit to Inspector General of Police: A police recruit is any person who is undergoing training to become a member of the police force. Deputy Commissioner Of Police On Grade 14 (step1), Salary per month 242,715.65 Page maintained by, This website is maintained by the advertising revenue and we noticed you have ad-blocking enabled. Police Constable Grade Level 03. Deputy Superintendent Of Police On Grade 10 (step1), Salary per month 148,733.29 Abdulrazaq Adebayo. Salaries estimates are based on 35 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by a Special Constable employees. You can help in traffic control, crowd control, intelligence gathering. An Assistant Inspector General of Police, AIG, on Grade 16 (step 5) is a higher grade of an Assistant Inspector General rank. 6 Month Certificate Programs that Pay Well, Fast Healthcare Certifications that Pay Well, How to Share Data on MTN The Fast Method. In 1894, the Niger Coast Constabulary in Calabar for the Niger Coast Protectorate was created. Please have it in mind that the highest serving officer in the NFP (Nigeria police force) is no other person than the inspector General of police. Inspector General Of Police (IGP) N711,498. President Buhari recently announced that the pay of Nigerian police officers has been increased. Just know this is the bare minimum one would get for a particular rank. Annual Salary 2,065,068.72, 11b.Chief Of Superintendent Of Police On Grade 12 (step8), Salary per month 199,723.96 Youd likely be promoted to a new rank by your 5th year or earlier. He is named by the president and is subject to his dismissal. Annual Salary. He added that they would be volunteers who would be given stipends, but not paid salaries. A Nigerian police officers salary depends on his or her rank and grade. Another arm of the Nigeria Police is the Police Mobile force, which was formed to counter riot across Nigeria and it is under the control of the Inspector General of Police. Cadet Inspector On Grade Level 07 (step1), Salary per month 73,231.51 Annually. In 1879, an armed members of the paramilitary Hausa Constabularies was formed and in 1896, the Lagos Police was equally formed. Commissioner Of Police on Grade 15 (step6), Salary per month- 302,970.47 Your salary starts when you begin the Police Now Academy. Police Corporal On Grade Level 04 (step 10), Recommended: Best apps for lawyers and law students. To simplify the administration of the Police, and its officers salary structure, it has 15 ranks. Superintendent of Police in Nigeria is a position between Chief Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent of Police. A content creator for Police Constable on Grade Level 10. A person working as a Police Constable in Nigeria typically earns around 266,000 NGN per month. Special Constabulary Corporal or Vigilante Corps Corporal. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); As the worlds most popular study abroad destination, the United States of America has plenty to offer you, A college diploma isnt the only way to invest in a prosperous career. This is the Nigerian Police Salary Structure 2023 Updated Salary Scale, Lets hear from you below with the comment box, in case you have any questions ask us we will gladly respond to you as follows. This scale of grades and steps designates a position on a scale of ranks or attributes. So, a Police recruit is in conposs 1 which is similar to grade level 1. This is a higher rank of CSP with a monthly salary of N247, 020, and annual salary of N2,963,995. The special constabulary is a voluntary service. We are in a country fully with lies and deceived, Can you Imagine, that uptil now the NPF have not been pay the approved New salary, Nigerian should stop saying what they did not know, that the police have started enjoying their new salary said by the minister of labour Christ Igige,can you imagine this false information from a minister.on the 18/5/2022 the minister of police affairs said, that the arrangements for payment of the police New approved salary by Mr President has since been concluded and forwarded to the minister of fan, for Payment since last month April 2022,my fellow Nigerian can you see what the NPF are going through serving there may find out your self , It has been dely tactics,May God save our Nigeria leader It is well. Those who are in Grade 05 (step 10) will earn N671,686.08 in a year. Annually. Don't miss a thing. Read more Terms of Use. 43,293.83. A Nigerian police officers salary is largely determined by his or her position and grade within the force. The monthly salary of a police constable is N50, 702.80, while his annual salary is N608, 429. We are going to take it from the Recruit to the Inspector General of Police for you to understand the new salaries of various ranks in the Nigeria Police Force (NPF). 16. Your email address will not be published. Other organizations like Nigeria Immigration, also use these training institutions to train their recruits. Deputy Commissioner of Police on Grade Level 14 (step 1) earns 242,715.65 monthly and 2,912,587.80 annually. Because the Inspector General of Police is the highest-ranking officer and commander of the Nigerian police force, the country only has one serving Inspector-General at any given time. The chief superintendent of police is a higher ranking officer than the Superintendent. CONPOSS: this stands for Consolidated Police Salary Structure. The Nigerian police force also protect the lives of high profile citizens, federal government officials, state government officials and also those of the general public. Below are the estimated annual salaries in the Nigerian police arranged by ranks. $900. Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader. Depending on the hierarchy in the Nigeria Police, the salary scale is different among officers. The monthly salary of an Assistant Inspector General of Police is N499, 751.87, while his annual salary amounts to N5, 997,022.44. But ever since then, several arms of the Nigeria Police have been developed in due course. However, the rank or position of an individual in an organization shows their level of authority. Its quite unfortunate that the police commission are aiding this corrupt act . Annual Salary 2,555,257.92, 13a. Salary (monthly) Inspector General of Police. A Singapore Government Agency Website. It is the sixth highest rank in the Nigerian police senior officers' rank. The monthly salary of Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP2) On Grade 09 (step 10) is N156, 318.39, and the annual salary amounts to N1, 875,820.68. Your Partner of Innovation Quality carpets, floorcoverings for commercial, industrial and residential . The national average salary for a Special Constable is $71,023 per year in Canada. Annual Salary 2,912,587.8, 13b. Toronto Police Service Base Salary (as of January 2021) Cadet in Training $67,680. Assistant Superintendent, or assistant superintendent of police (ASP), was a rank used by police forces in the British Empire. Ranks & Grades. The above salary structure describes the amount paid as salary to employees of the Nigerian Police. Once you have carefully read all the information on this page you can complete an application to join the Essex Police Special Constabulary. The general pay scale for Constables (General Duty) recruited by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is 21,700 to 69,100. Anytime you want to log into your account, visit. I would love to apply but I don't know how to go about it please..I need your guild,. Deputy Commissioner. The Nigerian police force is structure in a way that will make every segment of it act swiftly or respond quickly when the need arises. The point is, the Nigerian police abandoned it for a very long time and this new IG is reinvesting the national policing community programme, Mba said. This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. The Nigerian police has the primary responsibility to enforce law and order in the society. Currently under the command of IGP Adamu Muhammed, the 20th indigenous Inspector-General of Police, the NPF is a massive organization with 36 state commands, 12 zones, and seven administrative divisions. A non-commissioned officers middle rank is the sergeant. An Assistant Commissioner of Police is above the Chief Superintendent and Deputy Commissioner of Police. As at today the number of the Nigerian police force is about, 372 000 but the federal government is embarking on a plan to increase the number of serving police personnel to about 650,000 police officers. The most important part of your job will be to protect life, but you'll also build relationships with local communities, prevent and detect crime, support victims and witnesses and keep people safe. Your email address will not be published. 9,019.42. Your email address will not be published. Some positions are separated into two or more grade levels and steps. If you would like to speak with a serving Special Constable before you apply please email: The monthly salary of an Assistant Commissioner of Police is N183, 185.73, while the annual salary amounts to N2, 198,228.76. Allowance for Police full-time National Servicemen (PNSFs) in the Singapore Police Force (SPF). Salary per month - 9,019.42. It is also divided into two grades; Police Constable Grade Level 03. Those who are in Grade 12 (step 8) will earn N2,396,687.52 in a year, Those who are in Grade 13 (step 1) will earn N2,198,228.76 in a year Police Constable Grade level 03; Salary per month: N43. Click to reveal Special constables are volunteer police officers, with full police powers, uniforms and equipment. Follow the steps below to apply online and be eligible to sit for the qualifying examination into the Nigeria Police Academy. He is the most powerful cop in the state. Special Constabulary Sergeant 2. If you have been searching for Nigeria Police Force Salary Structure 2023/2024, newly approved police salary, meaning of dpo in nigeria police force, nigeria police recruitment, npf salary 2023, police salary in nigeria 2023, police salary 2023, police monthly salary, police ranks in nigeria, newly approved police salary, then you are not alone. 312,000. Also see: Best universities to study medicine in south africa 2022. Annual Salary - N519,525.6. Salary and pay entitlements. +44 (0)7540 787812 Deputy Inspector General: 6,558,872.76. What is on your mind? Edeh Samuel Chukwuemeka ACMC, is a Law Student and a Certified Mediator/Conciliator in Nigeria. Salary per year: N613,363.10. The Assistant Inspector General of Police is the second in command of the police force. It is below the Deputy Commissioner and above the Chief Superintendent. Police Constable Grade Level 03 Salary per month - N43, 293.80. The police have disclosed that the special constables who will be deployed for community policing will not be paid salaries. 12b. In the absence of the state commissioner, the Deputy Commissioner assumes leadership. State police departments may offer slightly different pay scales to constables in their police force. Deputy Superintendent Of Police on Grade 10 (step10), Deputy Superintendent Of Police On Grade 10 (step1), Assistant Superintendent of Police salary. Nigerian police force salary structure and rank |how much Nigeria police earn per month. They also lamented that a Level 8 officer of the EFCC goes home with over N490,000 every month, but an Inspector of police, with many years of experience, is being paid N109,200 as monthly salary. Check below for the highlights of take home pay of the men and officers of the Nigeria Police Force. Other specialized institutions include Police Mobile Force Training School in Abuja, Counterterrorism (CTU) training school in Rivers State, Mounted Training Centre, Police Detective College at Enugu, and the Police Dogs Service Training Centre. After the protectorates of Northern and Southern Nigeria was declared, some parts of the existing police constabulary in the North and south, became the Northern Nigeria Police and Southern Nigeria Police. The role of a Special Constable is varied and can be demanding. 25,220 - 80,910. With a bit of planning, you can get more time for recreation and whnau than in other careers. Corporal-N52,000-N53,000 . STEPS is the number of years youve been on a particular rank. The Nigerian police force (NPF) is organized under a command (authority) structure that helps it maintain order and control. 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You learned about the history of the Nigeria Police and its functions, police training programs and institutions, and entry category into the Nigeria Police. The above is the pay structure of Nigerian police officers. Annually. Permanent. The Police Service Commission (PSC), the nonmilitary regulatory and supervisory organization of the police, has no separate power to monitor or perform oversight of the police force. Salary. Hello. Deputy Commissioner Of Police On Grade 14 (step7), Salary per month 278,852.79 This goes a long way to show how bad the situation is in Nigeria currently. Constable- N46,000- N47000. State Commissioners of Police follow directions from the Inspector General of Police (IGP), who continues to receive orders from the president, instead of from State Governors. The Special Constabulary has been in existence since 1831, when Parliament passed 'An act for amending the laws relative to the appointment of special constables, and for the better preservation of the police'. Those who are in Grade 10 (step 10) will earn N2,044,796.28 in a year, Those who are in Grade 11 (step 1) will earn N1,937,739.48 in a year In the north, the Royal Niger Company set up the Royal Niger Company Constabulary in 1888 with headquarters at Lokoja. Duties of Assistant Superintendent of Police in Nigeria. N536,586.36 in a year. 5.1 Regulation 4 (2)(b) of the Special Constables Regulations 1965 sets out that a special constable may be paid an allowance. STEPS is the number of years you've been on a particular rank. The polices over-centralized structure makes it difficult for them to engage with communities as effectively as they should. According to reports, it is the lowest rank in the Nigerian police force. About the role. What do you think about the new salary structure of the Nigerian police force The Nigeria police force salary? As a PC, you'll have the opportunity to make a positive difference to the people of Essex. What exactly is the distinction between the two? Those who are in Grade 04 (1) will earn it also has two grades; Police Constable Grade Level 10; Salary per month: N51,113.60. The abbreviation of police corporal on grade 04 (1) is Cpl. $650. The content on the InfoGuide Nigeria is provided as general information only. Assistant Commissioner Of Police Grade 13 (step1) Salary per month - 183,185.73. Police Constable Grade Level 03. Also, you must enroll for JAMB and select NPA Wudil as the first choice University. nigeria special constabulary police salary. So, a Police recruit is in conposs 1 which is similar to grade level 1. Sup: Superintendent When you graduate, you will receive a bachelors degree and commissioning as an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) of the Nigeria Police. The formation of the Nigeria Police dates to 1820. $860. In 1888, the Royal Niger Company set up its constabulary in the northern part of Nigeria with headquarters at Lokoja. According to Wikipedia, as of 2016, Nigeria has 371,800 active Police force. 1st Class Constable $107,456. Special constables come from all walks of life and form a vital link between the police and the local community. Thank you, May ALLAH bless Nigeria and it citizen. 2023, Bscholarly LLC. 2018 New monthly salary announced by President Buhari (Naira) 2018 New Annual salary announced by President Buhari (Naira) Police recruit. HOME; INTERIORS; EXTERIORS; OFFICE & PORTRAITS; PUBLICITY/EVENTS; CONSTRUCTION; INFO Cadet Inspector On Grade Level 07 (step1). The commissioned officers are as follows: The Inspector-General of Police (highest rank in the Nigerian police hierarchy), The Assistant Inspector-General of Police, The Commissioner of Police (In-charge of contingents in a state). Complaints filed with the PSC about Nigerian police officers are reviewed by the police, who then write up to the PSC. Inspector General of Police. Updated Nigerian Police Salary Structure 2022 I just learned that sometime around April 2019 Another review was made to the Salaries for Nigerian Police (formally the Nigerian Police Force.). Nigeria Police Salary scale are arranged by their respective ranks and NPF year of service. Kwara State special police constabularies are at liberty to honourably disengage from the service if they so wish, the state Police Commissioner, Tuesday . God bless Nigeria! Below are some of the requirements for attending the Nigeria Police Academy. Its the equivalent of Nigeria Civil Service Grade Level. Deputy Commissioner of Police on Grade Level 14 (step 7) earns 278,852.79 monthly and 3,346,233.48 annually. Documents are stored in antique filing cabinets. Police Corporal On Grade 04 (1) Police Corporal On Grade Level 04 (10) The arms of the Nigerian police force are like the sections. In Nigeria, I believe that not enough money is spent on police. Required fields are marked *. This post will explore Nigeria police salary by ranks, its history, functions, and training facilities, how to join the Nigeria Police through the degree program, requirements for attending Nigeria Police Academy, and how to apply to attend Nigeria Police Academy. The Nigeria Police Force is the principal law enforcement and the lead security agency in Nigeria with a staff strength of about 371,800. The monthly salary of an Assistant Superintendent of Police on Grade 08 (step 1) is N127, 604.68, and the annual salary is N1, 531,256.16. Annual Salary 661,737.72, Salary per month 62,204.88 The online application form costs N3,500.00. The Assistant Inspector-General (AIG) of Police is the third-highest level in the Nigerian police service, behind the Director-General (DIG) (NPF). . Police officers were not usually armed but were issued weapons when required for specific missions or circumstances. (24 week course) $61,480 p.a. As a result, there is no structure for grading or assessing the performance of police commands. 6,558,872.76. During the colonial period, most police were associated with local governments (native authorities). 108,233.04. The Nigeria police salaries of inspector of police are: Cadet Inspector on Grade 07 Step 10 earns N87, 135 per month. Implementation of laws and regulations that is within their jurisdiction. This is the highest rank in Nigeria Police Force. Annual Salary 613,365.08, Salary per month 48,540.88 I am a freelancer, Administrator, entrepreneur, Comedian and a graduate of Mechanical Engineering. The average starting salary of a Police Officer ranges from INR 2.5 LPA - 3 LPA while the highest salary of a Police Officer can go up to as much as INR 41.5 LPA which is drawn by the senior most position, that of a Deputy Inspector General. You'll also benefit from: Police pension scheme; Career progression; Generous annual leave entitlement which increases as part of your service; Norfolk/Suffolk Police supports work-life balance supported by family friendly policies Your email address will not be published. I think its high time Nigerian youths take actions on politicians, by doing drastic and hard tins to them, for me, soon Nigeria leaders will hear from me, cos it will be my life or theirs. This article will not only give you the Nigeria police salary by ranks, but it will also reveal additional facts like the entry levels into the Nigeria Police and how to join the organization. Required fields are marked *. 12a. Assistant Commissioner Of Police Grade 13 (step10), Salary per month 212,938.16 Assistant Inspector General of Police. This rank is between Chief Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent of Police. Inspector of Police (IP) is the popular name for this position. It is the sixth highest rank in the Nigerian police senior officers rank.