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On May 31, 2019 at Tauranga. Expand the Memories and Condolences form. Becoming southeast 15 knots in the evening. NEW ZEALAND AND WORLD WAR ONE | NEW ZEALAND DISASTERS AND TRAGEDIES | Moderate northeast swell. H/o Lily Mary (Howick) FF/o Wynne Weatherly, ES/o Mr & MRs R S McDonald (Tauranga, late of Paengaroa) B/o Evelyn, Elaine, Ron, H/o Eileen F/o Alan, Beverley (Mrs Allen) Betty, late Roger, W/o Hugh M/o Chrissie (Mrs McKirdy) Bethy (Mrs J Gibney) both of Te Puke, late of Te Matai Rd, Te Puke. 1,107 . Fine with light winds and afternoon sea breezes. Sis/, W/o Andrew James M/o Alex, Veva (Mrs Overend) Mavis (Mrs D P Kennedy) Dorothy (Mrs W Nicol) late Bruce (DFC), James, late of Ohinepanea, Te Puke. Jenee Tibshraeny. ALLEN, Thomas Laird (Tommy). PASSENGER LISTS TO NEW ZEALAND | These cover mostly the period from the 1940s to the 1960s, though there are entries for either side of this. Sis/o Minnie, Bertha, Jean, Eileen, George, Nat, Ralph, H/o Olwen F/o Elvine (Mrs Hodges, Takanini) Harry (Te Puke) Joy (Mrs Brooks, Auckland) Edna (Mrs Atkins, Onehunga) FiL Muriel, Wilf, Clarry, H/o Marion F/o Daphne (Mrs Walker, Ohura) Thomas (Te Puke) late Ida (Mrs Davison), W/o late Allan Lewis M/o Daphne (Mrs Walker, Ohura) Tom (Te Puke) late Ida (Mrs Davison), H/o Bertha F/o Alice, Frank, Walter, Jim, Nellie, Clorine, Alex, H/o Eileen F/o Joan (Mrs Healy, Pukekohe) Mavis (Mrs Malmanche, Whakatane) Robbie (Tauranga) Shirley (Mrs Nicol, Auckland) Doris (Mrs Kelly, Auckland) Alan (Tokoroa), W/o Jack M/o Alice (Christchurch) Frank (Wellington) Jim (Te Puke) Nellie (Te Puke) Tiny (Auckland) Alex (Auckland) late Wattie, H/o Iris F/o Ross, Stanley, Glenys, Martin, H/o Tui Dobson (Otorohanga) F/o Noel, Verna, Bryan, Pat, Rex, Murray, Graeme, H/o Christina F/o Frank (Putaruru) George (Waimana) Molly (Mrs Mead) Jim (Te Puke), W/o late George M/o Frank (Putaruru) George (Mangakino) Mollie (Mrs Mead, Auckland) Jim (Te Puke), ES/o Bessie & late Patrick B/o Jack, Con, Mary (Te Puke) Frank (Christchurch) Eugene (Papakura) late Peggy, Alphonsus, Ricardus, Monica (Mrs Corboy), W/o late Patrick M/o Jack, Con, mary (Te Puke) Frank (Christchurch) Eugene (Papakura) late Dan, Peggy, Patrick, Ricard, Monica (Mrs D Corboy), H/o Mary Lillian F/o Bruce, Olive (Mrs K Day), S/o Mary & late Samuel Douglas (No 2 Road, Te Puke), late of Te Puke. Last updated: Tuesday 29 September 2009, FAMILIES I AM RESEARCHING | SiL Lorna, Myrtle, Gwen, Lorna, Jim, Bill. These thunderstorms will bring localised heavy rain and small hail.". Obituaries Section. Inshore waters from Matakana Island to Mayor Island to Motiti Island and then east to Torere River mouth. Selecting a cemetery will provide you with an option to search the memorials. SMIT, Alida Anna Maria. To plant trees in memory, please visit the, I was very sad to hear that Aunty Kay had passed away - my deepest sympathy for your loss. SHAND FAMILY HISTORY | Andrew, Diane, S/o Banta Singh & Watchitter Kaur B/o Milap kaur (India) Ajett Kaur (India) Lukhen Singh F/o Baljeet Kaur, Ranjeet Palject Kaur, Ranjeet Singh, Hurvinder Singh, H/o Eliza Mary F/o Laurence FiL Gwen GF/o John, Patricia, Colleen, Raymond, Teddy, W/o late William Edward M/o Matt, Nga (Mrs J Campbell) Laurence, Cushla (Mrs P Collier) Jim, Tom (all of Te Puke), H/o late Hilda May F/o Josephine (Mrs Burn, Napier) Isabel (Te Puke) Wilfred P, late Joy, F/o Rita (Mrs T N Graham, Pokeno) Roland (Whakatane) Mary (Mrs R Fowell, Te Kauwhata) Vera (Mrs M C Reynolds, Otamarakau, Te Puke) Henry (Otamarakau) Alice (Mrs J Webb, Otamarakau) Eileen (Mrs J Webb, Otamarakau) Eileen (Mrs G Wright, Morrinsville), W/o Henry Cummings M/o Henry (Ngaruawahia) Elma (Mrs Johnston, Matamata) Syd (Palmerston North) Ross (Hamilton) Shirley (Te Puke), H/o late Ethel Marie F/o Scotty (Ngaruawahia) Alma (Mrs W Johnston, Te Puke) Syd (Palmerston North) Ross (Te Awamutu) Shirley (Te Puke). I will be adding more Te Puke death notices to this collection as time goes on - if you would like to send me any from your own collections I would be most pleased to receive them. Beloved husband to the late Rita. Long period northeast swell 2 metres. H/o late Tuihana F/o Mary Rosie (Ida) (Dcsd) Bertie, Billie, Bessie, Walter, Dulcie, ES/o Albert & Florence Br/o Florence (Mrs Mayhew) Claris, Eric, Margaret (Mrs Ala'l) Robin Adair, H/o Hinewai F/o Avon (Mrs Clark, Whakatane) David (Opotiki) Meryle (Mrs Prior) Rewa (Mrs Jones) both of Te Puke, H/o Dora F/o Charlie, Margaret, Allan, Doreen FiL Aileen, Rex, W/o late Cuthbert Sidney M/o Llewellyn, Fred, late Owen Mil Lillian G/Mo Lynne, Janet. These death notices were pasted into scrapbooks by Mrs Jean Barnett who lived in Te Puke all her life. Box 3136 Greerton, Tauranga 3142. Legacy Funerals - Tauranga Park ALLEN, Thomas Laird (Tommy) TURNER, Grant John STEWART, Josephine (Jo) Hope Family Funeral Services FIGGEST, Harold Albert POPE-McKENZIE, Ann PICKERING, Gretel. NEW ZEALAND LAND WARS MISCELLANEOUS GENEALOGICAL INDEXES | Dearly loved sister and sister-in-law of Yvonne and Neal, Faye (deceased) and Garry, Glennis and Ken, Ross and Judy, Jan and Trevor and their families. Find an Obituary. A Memorial service for Alida will be held at Tauranga Park, 383 Pyes Pa Road Tauranga, on Wednesday 1st March at 10.30am. Outlook until midnight Wednesday: Monday: Southeast 10 knots. Box 3136, Greerton, Tauranga 3142. H/o late Margaret Anne F/o Basil, Edith, Lilian, Ivan, W/o late James Te Uara M/o Hoko (jock) Timi-Waata (James) Ringa (Mrs J Anderson) Parekotuku (Polly, Mrs W Williams, Pukehina) Ngoro (Mrs W Anaru, Rotorua), D/o Edith & George Sis/o Dudley, Lindsay, June (Mrs H J Davys, Cambridge), H/o Edith F/o Dudley, Lindsay, June (Mrs H J Davys, Cambridge) late Shirley, H/o Beatrice Emily (Te Puke) F/o John Charles (Kingsland) Rita (Mrs Carpenter, Sandringham) late Colin, H/o Agnes Spence F/o Lewis, Violet (Mrs Campny) Albert, Douglas, Jane (Mrs Parkinson, Auckland), W/o late Edward Richard M/o Lewis, Violet (Mrs Campny) Albert, Douglas, Janie (Mrs Parkinson, Auckland) D/o Hugh Douglas, H/o Mabel (Waharoa) F/o Douglas, Muriel, Joan (Te Puke) Lorna (Christchurch) Ivan, Fay, Leslie (Waharoa) Lance (Hamilton) Jim (Cambridge) Shirley (Auckland) late Rona, H/o late Ellen B/o George (Auckland) Herbert (Whakatane) David (Tauranga) Jane (Mrs E J Albrey, Palmerston North) Robert (Australia) Claude (Auckand) Ernest (Marton) Ivo (Dick, Marton) Edward (Te Pahu) Norman (Inglewood) late Louis, Henry, H/o Alma F/o Adolphus, Ian, Eric, Brian, Graham, H/o Mollie F/o Peter (Te Puke) David (Tauranga) Mona (Mrs Legae, Auckland) late John FiL Shirley, Margaret, Ernie GF/o Ian, Craig, Richard, David, John, H/o Margaret F/o Bill, Isabel, Dick, Alan, Athol, W/o Henry (Dick) M/o Joyce & Paul (Te Puke) Peter (Mt Maunganui), H/o late Annie F/o Joyce and Paul (Te Puke) Peter (Mt Maunganui), of Te Puke F/o Paul, FiL Una GF/o Jill (Mrs B J Mills, Wellington) Robin (London) GGF/o Bridget, Barbara, ES/o Mr A J (Peter) & late Mrs Jackson (formerly of Te Puke) Br/o Molly, Pauline, Ike, Patsy (Dcd), H/o late May Rose (late of Te Puke) F/o Molly, Pauline, Charles, May (Mrs D J Gilmour, Hamilton) late Albert, Patricia, W/o George M/o Leith (Burnham) Kay (Te Puke) MiL Ron and Bob GM/o Lance, Sandra, Warren, Glenn, Janette and Paul, W/o Robert M/o Margaret (Mrs Redfern, Otahuhu) Jean (Mrs Cornwall, Glen Massey) Reta (Mrs Hart, Te Puke) Betty (Mrs Crowe, Te Puke) Eva (Te Puke), Br/o Kate, Colin, Robert (Te Puke) S/o John & Catherine (nee KING) (Auckland), H/o Alie F/o Rosina (Mrs Lindsay, Taupo) Lorna (Mrs Forward, Invercargill) FiL Dave, Ian GF/o Colin, Andrew, Anne, Helen, Grant, Bruce, H/o Hilda F/o Jean (Mrs Shirley) FiL Nolan GF/o Andrew, Karen, Lorraine, Julene, Martyn, S/o Les and Thora Br/o Sheryl (Mrs Miller, Tauranga) David, Ian BiL Keith Un/o Andrew, W/o George (Ellerslie) M/o Hope, Frank, Gordon, Phyllis (Mrs Collett) Bill. Sea becoming rough offshore. This collection contains obituaries and death notices from various New Zealand newspapers including the New Zealand Herald and the New Zealand Star. Read More JAMES, Kathleen Rangihaoa. Br/o Mrs William Phipps (Manurewa) late May (Mrs Whitelaw) Albert, William Fred, Alice (Mrs Roger), H/o Alma F/o Merlyn, Pearl, Owen FiL Kath, Alf, Jean GF/o Robin, Leslie, Dennis, Janine, Glenda, Kelvin, Roger, H/o May F/o Merle (Mrs Cram, Papakura) Maurice (Tauranga) GF/o Kay, John, Robert, Ian, Michael, Susan, Ross, W/o late Thomas M/o Tom, Fred (Te Puke) Alice (Mrs P R Taylor, Wellsford), S/o Thomas Ray & Dorothy Christie Br/o Joan, Marer (Hamilton), W/o William John M/o Agnes, Mabel (Mrs Key, England) Doris (Mrs I Hewitt) Edith (Mrs R Bonish) Hilda (Mrs D Dixon) Ada (Mrs P Dixon), Claude, Archie, H/o late Ellen Mabel F/o Agnes, Mabel (Mrs Key, England) Dorrie (Mrs Hewitt, Auckland) Claude (Cambridge) Edith (Mrs Bonish, Walton) Hilda (Mrs D Dixon, Walton) Ada (Mrs P Dixon, Walton) Archie, Sis/o Elizabeth (Mrs Gill) Gretta (Mrs Ward) Ina (Mrs Hodges) Bill Eagleson SiL Alf, Harry, A/o Joy, Allan, Kevin, Ann, F/o Barney, Des (Rotorua) Tommy, Christine (Mrs N Thompson) Emily (Mrs J Richardson, Te Puke) Gilbert (Auckland), H/o Kitty F/o Oscar, Rex, Eric, Melva (Mrs G Robertson), W.o Stan (Te Puke) M/o Marlene, Leila, Robyn, Gavin, H/o Esther F/o Stanley, Myrtle (Mrs Broad, Rotorua) Violet (Mrs Lea) Nita (Mrs J Wood) Athur (Joe, Mt Maunganui), W/o William Newell Cole (Kakaramea, Patea) M/o Pat (Whangarei), Rex, Margaret, W/o late William Basil M/o Gordon (England) Douglas (Te Puke) Eric (Mt Maunganui), H/o Sarah F/o Ivy (Mrs W H Smith) Della (Mrs J Holmes) Biddy (Mrs L Osborne) Edna (Mrs M Mitchell) Eileen (Mrs K Silcock) Ivan (Buster) Reginald, Leslie, Horace, Bobby, W/o late John Henry M/o Ivy (Mrs W H Smith) Delia (Mrs J Holmes) Biddy (Mrs L Osborne) Edna (Mrs M Mitchell) Eileen (Mrs K Silcock) Buster, Reg, Laurie, Horace, Bobby, 2S/o Cush & Peter Collier Br/o Peter, Jim, Dorothy, W/o Peter (Te Puke) M/o Peter. Hi there. Loved and admired by all of her many grandchildren and great grandchildren. S/o Mr & Mrs John MacDonald. Treasured wife of Jack (deceased) and Ron Bones (deceased). Taranaki Daily News Death Notices Place an Obituary Sort By: Death Notices Funeral Homes 1,765 Results Today Add Photos 3 Memories Jill ELLIS ELLIS, Jill Marion (nee Jenkins): Passed away on Friday 24 February 2023, aged 70 years. 740 Obituaries Search Tauranga obituaries and condolences, hosted by BiL Tim, George, Myrtle, Isabel, W/o late Frederick William M/o Edna (Mrs Lawrence, Tauranga), W/o William H M/o Des, Vic (Murupara) Marg (Mrs Douglas, Morrinsville), W/o late David Paul M/o Margaret (Mrs Ebbitt, Taradale) Ivy (Mrs Reynolds, Te Puke) Mabel (Mrs Raymond, Te Puke) Mary (Mrs Cooper, Te Puke), W/o late Fred M/o Herb (Marton) Florrie (Mrs Usmar, Feilding) Vera (Mrs McComb, Auckland) Jean (Mrs Pilcher, Te Puke), late of Te Puke. Death Records indexes both historical and non historical death records including printouts, certificates, cemetery and obituary searches. F/o Malcolm, Doris GF/o Andrew, Jean, Fred, late of Ngawaro. S/o Elsie (Mrs S Phipps, Rotorua) Mattie (Mrs R Dunlop, Rotorua) Annie (Mrs S Campbell, Taneatua) Bob (Te Puke), Gladys (Mrs R Hutton, Rotorua), H/o late harriet F/o Owen, Mavis (Mrs Tarrant) Eva (Mrs Williamson) Nola (Mrs Malyon) Margaret (Mrs Collins) late Stanley, H/o Jean F/o Jack (Auckland) Cath (Mrs Crowley, Te Puke) Don (Wellington) Matt (Auckland), W/o Alfred M/o Eric (Te Puke) Betty (Mrs T V Howie) GM/o Yvonne, John Howie, Peter Brown, B/o Lizzie (Mrs Humphrie) Minnie (Mrs Hignett) Jim (all New Plymouth) Dick (Te Puke), H/o late Mary Gove F/o Eric (Te Puke) Betty (Mrs Howie, Christchurch) FiL Ivy, Tom GF/o John, Yvonne (Christchurch) John, Peter (Te Puke) Br/o George (Pongokawa) Fred (Stanmore Bay) Eric (England) Nancy (Mrs Osborne, Napier), W/o late John M/o Jack (Auckland) Don (Wellington) Kath (Mrs Ian Crowley, Te Puke) Matt (Auckland), H/o Isabella F/o Buster (RNZAF Ohakia) Irene (Mrs D R Hume, Katikati) Gloria (Mrs R J Chesham, Te Puke), F/o Angela, Melodie, Leeanne.