Not many keyboard players can say theyve changed rock history, and Benmont Tench is far too modest to make such a claim. Later, this group became Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers., In 2014, Tench released his debut solo album, titled You Should Be So Lucky.. Benjamin Montmorency "Benmont" Tench III (born September 7, 1953) is an American keyboardist best known as a founding member of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Its a lovely way to record. My parents had an ivory chess set they got in the 1940s and it was breathtaking because it had so much soul. Benmont Tench - Rotten Tomatoes Dylan Owens from the Denver Post's The Know called the show"a memorable one," with the band playing from "a seemingly bottomless bucket of hits." He was a pretty amazing guy, and I think it caught it all, Tench says. Everyone who plays on the album is a friend of mine, and almost everyone has been to my house. Ill also do a few nights at Largo in L.A. from Feb. 20-22. After a few years of not much happening, they dissolved. Dust: Expanded Edition - Screaming Trees [2cd] ", The extensiveTom Petty and the Heartbreakers Live at the Fillmore (1997) box set arrived last month. So you have a relationship with somebody, but there were a lot of sides to him that I didnt know, and I saw him so much.. "TOM PETTY. They were fortunate with technology, where they stretched it to a certain point but you couldnt tweak things with a computer. It was believed that a venomous snake would die if placed in a vessel made of sapphire. (Photo by Eva Mueller), Tom Petty with guitarist Mike Campbell and bassist Howie Epstein in the new documentary Tom Petty, Somewhere You Feel Free: The Making of Wildflowers, which debuts on YouTube on Thursday, Nov. 11, 2021. Because I was a member of a band following the captain, and now Im just my own adult.. Tench also reunited with Mudcrutch to record the band's second album, Mudcrutch 2. Videos by American Songwriter. By now, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers had been around an amazing four decades, a claim few other American bands could make. (Photo courtesy of YouTube Originals), Tom Petty in his home studio as seen in the new documentary Tom Petty, Somewhere You Feel Free: The Making of Wildflowers, which debuts on YouTube on Thursday, Nov. 11, 2021. The thing to take away from the Beatles is the spirit in which it was done. Tom Petty was an American actor, record producer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter, who died one week after the completion of the Heartbreakers 40th-anniversary tour at the age of 66 (October 2, 2017) due to an accidental overuse of prescription drugs. The fact we knew and loved that music gave us a common musical language. Release Date. And I said, Im going to do something better than my cousin, dammit! [Laughs.] Oops, looks like you forgot something. Benmont Tench - Artist Details. And he had his friends in the band, and we had our own relationship, our own kind of language.. When nothing came of it at the time, he forgot all about it until he was shown what had been captured on the beautiful black and white film. 2008 album featuring original members fellow Heartbreakers Benmont Tench, and Mike Campbell. He'd attended school with Petty and spent. Tench was only 11 when he first met Tom Petty at a Gainesville, Florida music store. What The Final 12 Months Of Tom Petty's Life Was Like - Its changed to kind of an alternate universe. Here he was in his middle age, and hes opening up his heart and showing it to you, and thats a beautiful thing, Wharton says. Your purchases help youth music programs get the gear they need to make music. Some were for pain, while others served as anti-depression drugs and sleep aides. Benmont Tench on Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' Legacy and - Yahoo! At the start of her career when she was working at the VH1 music channel, she flew to Los Angeles to interview Petty for a short documentary on Wildflowers, a solo record though it included all but one of the Heartbreakers in the band Petty and producer Rick Rubin put together. Tom Petty as seen in the new documentary Tom Petty, Somewhere You Feel Free: The Making of Wildflowers, which debuts on YouTube on Thursday, Nov. 11, 2021. Previous image. Benmont Tench on the New Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Live Set and As tributes rolled out across the media,the cause of Tom Petty's death remained "pending" (per Becker'sHospital Review)as an official autopsy was performed. [9], In 2009, Tench frequently appeared with the Watkins Family Hour at Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles. And I really wish there was a way. Are you going to get a guy that has that swing in his rhythm? The post further explained that Petty could not be revived, dying peacefully in the presence of his family, bandmates, and friends. About Benmont Tench. But Petty also hinted heavily that the tour might be his last, tellingRolling Stone,"I'm thinking it may be the last trip around the country," or at least the last big tour. For his work with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and Mudcrutch, see, [benmont-phil-lesh-friends-march-1801016], The Man with the Blue Post-Modern Fragmented Neo-Traditionalist Guitar, "Memories of Petty: How singer found way in area", "Tom Petty returns to his roots with Mudcrutch", "From Side Player to Frontman: Benmont Tench on Solo Debut, Playing With Tom Petty and Bob Dylan", "Heartbreakers, Imposters, Nickel Creekers Make The Scrolls", "Ten songs with prolific sideman Benmont Tench", "Watkins Family Hour - Debut Album out July 24th, 2015", "Wilco, R.E.M. In 2016, Benmont reunited with Mudcrutch to record the bands 2nd album, titled Mudcrutch 2. In the same year, Tench played the Fleetwood Mac tribute at the Fonda Theater in LA. [8] Tench penned one of the songs on the album, named "The Price," sung by Sara Watkins and himself. Includes Tom Petty originals plus covers recorded completely live in the studio over 10 days. Benmont Tench, who was the keyboardist for the Heartbreakers from their inception in the 1970s through Petty's death in 2017, and Ryan Ulyate, Petty's producer in his latter era and the keeper . Well, he goes over to our piano, and he did that thing with the black keyswhere you roll them with your knuckles, back and forthand I was intrigued. "I mean, you can't imagine someone hitting a child like that," he said. (Photo by Robert Sebree, courtesy of Warner Music & Petty Legacy, LLC. You describe an old-school approach, and the record has an old-school intimacy to itlike something cut 20 or 30 years ago. Its how were doing our new record, how we did the last record [Mojo] and how we did the Mudcrutch record [released in 2008]. He was the very last person. Theres not a false thing on the record, on the whole thing, Tench says. It felt very, very real. Mixed by Andy Wallace (Nirvana, Jeff Buckley, White Zombie), the album kicks off with the visceral Halo Of Ashes, driven by Garry Lee . There are 115 days left in the year. Tom Petty's Heartbreakers bandmates are still grieving the death of their longtime frontman, but keyboardist Benmont Tench has announced that he will continue with his previous plan to perform a solo show at the end of October. (Photo by Rob Grabowski/Invision/AP), Tom Petty as seen in the new documentary Tom Petty, Somewhere You Feel Free: The Making of Wildflowers, which debuts on YouTube on Thursday, Nov. 11, 2021. Benmont Tench on Amazon Music And the film, really, really brings that to light.. Next: The Stories Behind the 36 Covers from Tom Petty's 'Fillmore' Box, 40 Years Ago: ELO Prompts Tom Pettys Change of Heart, Win a Signed Tom Petty Live at the Fillmore 1997 Vinyl Set, Watch New Unseen Clips of Tom Pettys Fillmore Residency, Win a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Fillmore Vinyl Box Set, The Stories Behind the 36 Songs Tom Petty Covers on Fillmore LP, Hear Tom Petty Cover Call Me the Breeze at 1997 Fillmore Show, Watch Never-Before-Seen Clip of Tom Petty at the Fillmore in 1997, Original Tom Petty Drummer Nearly Refused Mike Campbells Reunion Offer. Benmont played piano from an early age, and his first recital was at age 6. Thanks for sticking with us through the storm." And maybe he was talking about it because [he] was ill. Benmont Tench Best Songs List: Top, New, & Old | AllMusic A me de Tench gostava de ter os meninos l, mas conversava com os vizinhos para garantir que a msica no os estivesse perturbando. So its like the maiden voyage of the Titanic, and the goal is not to hit the iceberg. If you ask him on Instagram, hell likely answer you. Positive. Tench has received two ASCAP songwriting awards: in 1995 for "Stay Forever" (performed by Hal Ketchum) and in 2001 for "Unbreakable Heart" (performed by Jessica Andrews). My favorite is my Hammond C3 organ that I got in 1978. ), Tom Petty as seen in the new documentary Tom Petty, Somewhere You Feel Free: The Making of Wildflowers, which debuts on YouTube Thursday, Nov. 11, 2021. Nothing felt at all manipulated or edited to be a certain version of a story. Benmont Tench's birthstone is Sapphire. He mentions that as an artist hes always trying to get better, which isnt that surprising, but he goes on to say, Because Ive always thought of myself as not very good, she says. Sapphire was once thought to guard against evil and poisoning. My dad, who was a judge, played guitar and piano. Watching the new film, and appearing in it either in archival footage shot during the recording of the 1994 Wildflowers album, or new interviews with director Mary Wharton, Tench felt regret for what on a very personal level might have been. The set came in two volumes, each featuring seven albums on a dozen vinyl records, and was released between November and December. And I think some people who see the film will get an insight from it, too., The story Wharton and her team wove together felt true when Tench watched the film, which includes such classic songs as Its Good to Be King, You Wreck Me, and You Dont Know How It Feels.. Additional Details ----- Format: import. Heartbreakers Benmont Tench and Mike Campbell perform a special stripped down version of "American Girl" at the band's legendary recording and rehearsal space, The Clubhouse, in honor of the. In a way, the director Wharton had been preparing for this film all of her working life. There is no way.. A lot of it is simply that his passing freed me and made me more of an adult. Hey! Brewed in Florida, aged to perfection in LA, the genius of Tom Petty was at it's very best with the Heartbreakers. Born on September 7, 1953, in Gainesville, Florida, Tench took up piano at an early age, playing recitals at the age of six. I have always been a Tom Petty fan, and only recently have discovered how wonderful a lyricist and singer Benmont is (in addition to his more renowned Piano/keyboard skills). Speaking with Rolling Stone, Tench juxtaposed the agony of Tom's death with the joy that came a few weeks later when his daughter was born. "The loss of Tom Petty has just about broken my heart," she told a crowd at Radio City Music Hall that month, according toPeople. Catherine came in December, Tom died in October, Tench said. Benmont played piano from an early age, and his first recital was at age 6. Email Kyle at, Louisville Public Media | His first recital was at age six. This film is part and parcel of the same thing, Tench says. I played with him since I was 18 or 19. Thanks for your music! Warm thoughts of health and happiness. In the late evening of October 1, Tom Petty "was found unconscious, not breathing and in full cardiac arrest" at his home in Malibu, California, according toTMZ. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. That, Wharton says, gave the film a more personal glimpse of both man and artist. yeah another site says 72 million. Ive always liked to record as live as possible, and Ive always loved tape machines. Watch Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit Cover I Wont Back Down, 40 Years Ago: ELO Prompts Tom Pettys Change of Heart, Win a Signed Tom Petty Live at the Fillmore 1997 Vinyl Set, Watch New Unseen Clips of Tom Pettys Fillmore Residency, 25 Years Ago: Why Tom Petty Was Grateful for Role in The Postman, Benmont Tench Doesnt Want to Play Another Heartbreakers Show, Joe Walsh, Blake Shelton Cover Tom Pettys I Wont Back Down, Win a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Fillmore Vinyl Box Set, Next: The Most Underrated Tom Petty Songs. I think its a real piece of work. Previous image. To Stevie Nicks especially, Petty's MusiCares award was well-deserved. Benmont Tench: A Heartbreaker Goes Soulful on Debut Solo Disc "I look back on that and what a magical moment that was," Nicks remembered. But he was far more than just a. Thats the difference between what The Beatles did and the cutting edge of technology today. 17260 events. But it was an extraordinary experience. Petty e Tench tocaram juntos como membros do The Sundowners em 1964. It brought a vital center to my life., Tench said he was now nearing completion of a solo album featuring a tiny, compact band as a result of the pandemic. Benmont Tench Bio, Wiki 2017 - Musician Biographies Nicks applauded Petty's brave decision to finish his 40th Anniversary Tour, concluding with a parting word that was felt by so many who knew and loved him. Willman did note that Tom Petty "spends a lot of the night hunched over his guitar, as if he means to creep up on us." In a message posted to his fan club and to Instagram, Tom Petty's longtime collaborator gave thanks to… Continue reading Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers . Exclusive Interview: The Freewheelin' Benmont Tench In addition, Tench worked as a session musician for artists like Bonnie Raitt, Neil Diamond, and Bob Dylan. Heartbreakers keyboardist Benmont Tench was expecting a call about the next tour in early-October of 2017 when his phone rang with much worse news. Considering you played a key role in forming it, where do you think The Heartbreakers sound comes from? Sat Apr 01 2023 at 10:00 am 2023 Pekingese Club of GA Specialty Show. The surviving members continue to forge new paths. While Tench's career also brought him gigs with other legends like Stevie Nicks, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and Cyndi Lauper, his main priority was always Tom and the Heartbreakers. Listen to the interview above and then check out the video below. Sep 7, 2022 Born on this day in 1953, Benjamin Montmorency " Benmont" Tench III, the American musician and singer, best known as keyboardist and a founding member of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, turns 69. Enjoying his music right now! And to have one of the greatest songwriters in rock n roll history admit that hed never thought he was any good is jaw-dropping. When Keyboard Worlds Collide: Steve Nieve & Benmont Tench in - Variety [] Tom was also making up songs on the spot. I was 10 when they showed upShe Loves You was just a marvel of joy and emotion. Tom Petty remembered in new documentary with, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Tom Petty remembered in new documentary with revealing, never-before-seen footage, This Oscar season, Asian representation is Everywhere as upstart indie is Academy front-runner, How The Year Between aims to show the full range of living with bipolar disorder, Jesus Revolution tells the true story of Christian hippies and an Orange County church, How The Quiet Girl became the first Irish-language film nominated for Academy Award, Frida Cinema celebrates its 9th birthday with The Big Lebowski and bowling, Amar Santana returns as contestant on Bravos Top Chef World All-Stars, HBOs Perry Mason returns steeped in LA noir with a hint of sunshine, The Bachelor star Zach Shallcross shares cringe moments as his season airs, the documentary Jimmy Carter: Rock and Roll President,, California Republicans give a boost to Florida Gov. Benjamin Montmorency "Benmont" Tench III (born September 7, 1953) is an American musician and singer, and a founding member of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. And the songs were kind of the touchstones, Wharton says. The records with the outtakes give you a certain picture of the way it went deeper, but the film, especially because you get to hear Tom talk so much, the film takes you further.. [3] Eight years later, the couple divorced. Benmont Tench on the New Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Live Set and Unreleased Vault Songs Benmont Tench talks with Kyle Meredith about Live at The Fillmore 1997, the new Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers box set that collects highlights from the band's infamous 20 night sold out run. Vintage Cocktail Hour Playlist: Women's History Month Edition, Louisville ranks 3rd in U.S. for most premature deaths from coal-fired power pollution. In 2002, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He says he's open to the idea of playing with the others in various groupings, but that things simply aren't the same without Petty. -This amount is like what a regular computer programmer would retire with not that much, really.