thanks to everyone thats liked my fics and supported me the past couple years while i was on here. That was close, Peter said quietly as he pulled out the web shooters and other gear he hid behind him. "Stop," you muttered. You huffed and went to your windows, making sure they were actually locked this time. "Miss Y/N, you are expected in the kitchen in thirty minutes," Jarvis informed your tired body. Mhm, course I know, he mumbled. You giggled, taking a Hershey's Kiss out of the packet in your bag and holding it out for him. If you see a male specimen hanging around the tower or god forbid about to step into your room, you are to report directly to Tony Stark. i am entering in the masked writer competition so keep watch for something that may be mine! #imagine Oh fuck. Yeah, maybe another day, Peter chuckled, playing along. He was so screwed. He trailed open mouth kisses down your jaw and onto your neck. You notice his eyes flicker down to your lips for a second. It looked pretty serious., Well, Ned looks at you, (Y/N), has something to tell you., Really? Peter looks at you curiously. He turned off the movie and put your laptop back on your desk, shutting it down. You wanted to give him a welcome back kiss but you were brave enough to try and see what his reaction would be. @queen-of-fanfics / You watched as Peters eyes began to close again, Peter! You shouted. You were now fully awake, searching the room for any immediate threat. You have, uh, he motions to your cheek. But the world we live in is the world where you have to meet your soulmate at least once before you get a sign. You clearly remembered your windows being shut when you left for your bathroom break. Its nearly 11 when you decide to take a bathroom break. The one that's always super awkward around me," You nodded, a little laugh following. He pulled away from you and smiled. Another few minutes passed in comfortable silence. Peter lifting thor's hammer(cause you know y'all wanted to see that). You hadnt really thought about how you were going to start the New Year, but you didnt mind this one little bit. Steve turned to Tony with a small smile. He was either completely oblivious to all of your signs or was just a dumb dork that was too afraid to say anything. If I ever get a hickey, its you that I want to give it to me, no one else., Reaching slowly up, you wrap your arms around his neck and watch his for any signs. ", he sighs and turns to me, kissing my lips, "i'll handle it" he whispers, kissing me again, i laugh at him "why are you panting like a dog? Peter Parker Imagines: Feeling Heartbreak The Loss of a Legend Angel Caught Web Handed Wedding Drama Tom Holland Imagines: Coldplay-Yellow The Way You Look Tonight Power Couple FaceTime Call Misunderstanding You're My Girl Pt.1 Naughty Girl Hi, I'm Tom Grounded Lilianna Holland: Late Night Consequences Slow Motion Shattered You Feel Love! All that could be heard was the tinkering of metal and other pieces in Peters hands. Call it a strength, a weakness, whatever you will. Um just call me back when youre free. You cut the call and threw your phone onto your bed. You nodded and lay down on the bed. It was just casual conversation really, about classes and homework you had. I didn't see anyone while you were away." You both stood in silence again as your words set in and you see a slow smile start to pull at Peter's lips. i'll give him your number so he can set it up later", she laughs and i imagine her cheeks are all rosy, i hang up and walk back inside, to see tony and peter in the same place where i left them, "y/n, i don't like you giving peter hickeys" tony starts, i roll my eyes and smile "how about you don't say anything about his and i won't say anything about yours", he looks at me confused "but i don't have any", "you don't have any yet" i say "aunt may said she won't say anything about peter's hickeys if you go out with her", tony looks at me for a second, stunned "like on a date? ", "isn't it weird if they date? Your eyes land on his lips and you lean forward to press your lips to his. Tonywill kill you-". Before you leave, I have one question for you." He continues to stare at you as you take it out of his hand and check your face with it. A hickey? Not all of our problems. You had seen that look in his eyes before, twice actually. I thought youd be at Times Square or maybe hanging out with MJ. He stepped out of it and went to your closet to grab the spare change of clothes he usually left. avengers imagines spider-man +20 more # 4 Your promise Book 2 ( Peter Peven. Please help. And if you listened closely, you could hear cheering coming from outside the door. Do something exciting or funny., You dont know what possesses you to do it, but you turn your head and place a kiss on Peters cheek. reader tomholland tomhollandxreader +4 more A small squeal escaped you, though Peter paid no heed to it. Whered you learn all that? A small squeal escaped you, though Peter paid no heed to it. ave. like what if they get married, then we would be related" peter says, i laugh "tony isn't my real uncle, but it's easier to call him that than my dead dad's best friend", i laugh "it's okay" i crawl on top of him "plus with them busy, we can have more alone time", and with that, there was not a single word shared for the rest of the night, kidnapped by the marvel cast {tom holland}. Peter stood up from his place by the tub and, you thought he mightve decided to lead, but he approached you. Steve awkwardly looks away and scratches the back of his neck. You flicked a hair tie at Peters face, causing him to wake up suddenly. Your stomach immediately sinks as soon as you notice the expression change. Hurry up and give me warmth.. Youre at Pepper and Tonys wedding and Steve just wants to dance, 3 times Steve thinks your beautiful and the one time he tells you, Four times Peter Parker wanted to kiss you, and the one time he did, In which Peter Parker is hiding something, and you think he doesnt like you anymore. - I DO NOT WRITE SMUT | You know I love you, right? you asked just as Peter pressed play. By the way, you cut in to say, your hair looks different. Yet all you could think about was how Peter Parker was a hot dork who watched Youtube videos on how to kiss and had abs. #goodvevil You dropped your bag at the door and quickly rushed to Peters side. Hey, baby, a soft voice says. ! you yelped. Ill print it in the morning, you mutter as you get off the bed to set your laptop on the overcrowded desk in your room. Thank you for reading! When the Accords first became a thing, and Tony needed another recruit, you went with him to meet this Peter Parker character, and Peter had already taken a liking to you. Youre fine. She brings you in for a hug, and you squeeze her tight. But it wasn't home, he and you knew that. Little Coworker (Request) MCU cast members x gn!child!co-star!reader. Quite the opposite really - Peter Parker x reader. What did we do? Thor turned to Steve, baffled by what just happened. Hm, okay, you agreed. Peter let out a throaty groan and flipped the two of you over so he was on top. "What's wrong." If you had gotten yourself into some kind of trouble. Youd locked yourselves in your bathroom so you wouldnt disturb your sleeping family. He rolled over from his stomach to his back and threw you a lazy grin from the ground. Goodnight.. Fine, he squeaked before rushing away to the bathroom. If we do the movies too then youll be tired all day. Looking everywhere else in the room but at you. This isnt a hickey. He didnt know how to comfort you. His eyes are closed and your hands in his hair make him drowsy. Her dad searches desperately for her, willing to do anythin After a drunk night of youth, Natasha found out she was pregnant with Clint's kid. I havent been out much or really paying attention to anything since school ended. "I actually had to help Peter with this topic last month," Steve nodded, and your face turned to confusion. Peter may have felt comfortable stripping to his boxers in front of you, but there was no way you were going to strip in front of him, even if he had seen you naked before. "I can't even see! The two of you were sat in one of the booths, eating your burgers and fries and just talking about whatever. We heard the noise. Natasha asked as she entered the kitchen with your father by her side. Letting out a deep sigh, you rubbed your sore neck and closed your eyes. ), "Hey, Steve," You sing-songed as you walked into the common room where the American flag himself was sitting. Shut up, Ned. Something had definitely changed within you because, instead of looking into his eyes, you looked at his lips. The next Tony Starks. See you tomorrow, Parker. You wave and head down the hall to the doors, leaving a completely flustered Peter Parker behind. Whats going on in here? Around a month ago, this strange mark showed up on your neck. "Look what someone put in my locker," she said showing him the beautiful flower. He had already texted Ned saying hed be late because he was doing a lab in his physics class. Let me tell you, it was no fun at all to be stuck here while you guys were off playing superhero!. When you made a face at him, he let out a full body laugh, Only you would manage to do that!. His face felt hot. It kept you up at night. You glanced at the clock and groaned. Reader X Peter Parker (First Person POV) Y/n is the daughter of Tony Stark. How was your day? Peter asked, his eyes flickering around your face. A/N: I dont usually write pure fluff (im assuming thats what you wanted) but this concept was interesting to me! Who even needs to know about parabolas and graphs anyway. Bby boi here loves you so much, you're the very reason he's living and you're like AIR for him. But lol hit me up if yall wanna talk about Infinity War or really about anything cause Ill talk and listen. Every time you noticed the tattoo change, you took a picture of it. Peters teal sweatered matched with your teal colored romper. Out of all the days he got a good look at your soulmate tattoo, it was the day he happened to see the same one on another person. He sat up for a second to pull of his shirt, then continued. Peter is also red in the cheeks. Peter decides to come along and put you out of your misery, Spending Friday night with Peter Parker and finding out that he has abs. s3xual content and assault Peter! Come in!". we taking the subway together?, I think were going to have a quiet weekend with the little one, Peter answered and you confirmed with a nod, Were out before nine p.m most nights anyways., Nine? MJ shouted, growing frustrated with this sudden and new dynamic, On a Saturday? The same went for Peter as he saw your neck. I did this. Blind AU | COMPLETED 2021 kept this queued up for new years eve just because :). It was hard to believe that this was the same person who unleashed bloodthirsty, colonising aliens into New York a few years back. You breathed out in relief and stood up from the chair, the sound of your joints cracking filling the room, a sign that you had been hunched over your laptop for way too long. Mhm, it was alright. Ugh! The two of you are talking at the cafeteria table, waiting for Peter to show up. As he is bust being Spider-Man and you are busy being an Avenger. He pressed the spider on the middle of his suit, and it fell off. Life is scary, theres a lot of sounds and bright lights. I thought Spider-man was a superhero. He is not going to be the one to explain what a hickey is to a god. could you do a one-shot with Peter Parker, where you're his fraternal/dizygotic twin, and when Tony comes to visit him, you're there before Peter comes home from school and you're jsut really sassy and funny and stuff and when he comes back you follow him and tony to his room . He opened up one of his drawers and grabbed all the various screws and things he had laying on the bed, throwing them into the drawer. "My parents had it. Heyyy, Ned greets back, dragging out the end. Peter grinned and stood up. What the hell were you thinking, hanging from the ceiling? you asked panicked. This, however, only creeped you out more that your soulmate wasn't someone you knew very well. Why would Peter do such a thing? #parker Your window was unlocked, Peter stated casually. "You've met your soulmate, and the world is trying to connect the two of you," Your father quietly told you. Theres a red lipstick mark on Peters cheek as well, which doesnt exactly make things any better. He pressed his lips to your forehead, bidding you a goodbye before he caught sight of the purple marks trailing down the side of your neck. You were left back at the tower to watch over things and deal with the government men in suits who were giving the Avengers a hard time. You know Peter, for a smart boy like you, you're incredibly stupid. That is, until a certain set of Spidey senses kick in and pick up on what she's doin. Ugh. You opened your eyes and sat up. "Peter Benjamin Parker, I told you to ease up! You big baby, Peter teased. Tony was preparing himself for the worst, unsure of what would come out of your mouth. Just as you had done every day before that. His mouth opens but nothing comes out. No, no definitely me. He blurts out then quickly blushes at his words. Just tell him! Life couldnt get any more difficult than that. The billionaire will then snap into protective father mode and team up with multiple members of the Avengers and defeat the monster that could steal their beloved kind of daughter's heart. Sorry? you shrugged your shoulders awkwardly, feeling your cheeks flare from the embarrassment. As you were making a quick sandwich for yourself, your hair shifted away from your neck. Your father asked, and you nodded, not saying anything. Thats weird, Ned said, his eyes obviously tired from raising little Juliet. Stop, you muttered. You jumped back, ramming your elbow on the doorway. "Alright then, Peter Parker. I was just about to take shower. Peter did what? your father shot you a look of disapproval, hoping it was all just a misunderstanding. Peters hands faltered for a second, his cheeks turning redder. It was even better for Peter, as he already had a huge crush on you. He sat with crossed arms on his bed, most likely sitting on something that he wanted to hide. Or did you go see someone? - Peter Parker x Stark!Reader from the story That-Sokovian-Bastard // Avengers (& other) Imagines by AllTimeLilly (Lilly) with 2,612 reads. What do you think my cardboard sign should say? enjoy fellow Andrew Garfield simps. A groan left your lips as soon as the first ray of light streamed into your room. You were playing one of the pink ladies in Midtowns version of Grease. 12:27. Warnings: maybe a bit angsty and slight cursing (for a person who doesnt cuss in real life, i sure do cuss a lot in my writings :)) hah), Authors Note: repost from my old account. Ned was supposed to come to but his parents told him that they were going to his cousins place that day so he had to bail. For the next two weeks, you were tasked with caring for the robot baby in your hands. However, if anyone were to treat him the exact same way, Peter became flustered. Look, I know what it looks like and I know everyone thinks that its a hickey, but I can promise you now, its not! Summary: Its new years eve and youre in your room studying. Youre cute, Peter said softly. "Peter, if you're mad about today, I'm really sorry.". Summary: In which Peter Parker is hiding something, and you think he doesnt like you anymore. Things couldnt get any better than this. zocha515, Star_1716, onlyreasony, Fanaticalreader108, Hey_Little_Songbird, eeriequazar, vebbles, miwsov, pippins_poppin, Beyant1780, evojoe, NIGHTMONKEY77, SilentFaun, jrainsart, CuteRepMC4Youth, Lio26, rebexxa, Elisavettzz, reinacoree, lowkeyskata, CarryOn117, nancy_reads, Kei_is_sleeby, jamesm97, sleepy_dream, monarch_love, Alexstrasza, Bokkun, voicetobyungchan, icantsleep___zzz, Ice18, fleshguts, moonys_girlfriend, bawls, Elliot_Di, luviu, eddieneedssleep, PhantomsNemesis, BekahBechel, eat_a_doughnut, KuronekoDragneel, walking_goon, Xeiki, KittyFireClaws, robinaparker, tstbaby, possumpixie, kaelasu, palomaestrella10, ssmartiess, and 244 more users You are just as smart as we are if not smarter. Being friends with him long enough, you knew that he was lying. You cant expect him to be thrilled to be gone for a while and come back to see you cuddled up with someone., I have no idea what youre talking about. How was it? Peter couldnt stop himself from smiling at how adorable you were. some curse words. Im sure the city needs you right now.. You pushed the door open and it slammed the wall. Hell be back soon, safe and sound, and that was good enough for you. You were back at the Avengers tower waiting for everyone to come home from their mission. Peter reached a hand out to poke your skin and you flinched. You returned back to the Avengers Tower after spending the night at Peters house. Completely shocked and horrified, you rolled over and got up, thankful that no one was around to witness that. Peter asked, his cheeks turning a bright red and a smile spreading across his face. Ill catch up with you later, okay? He starts to close the door but you shove both hands against it and push your way inside. A/N: I don't usually write pure fluff (i'm assuming that's what you wanted) but this concept was interesting to me! also i lied i said id post sunday but i got busy doing other things lmao so my bad. Reader insertsssss uwu You would research it and read all the lore and myths on it that you could find. Welcome to an alternate universe where the fate of Spider-Man was never bestowed upon Peter Parker, but you: his equally dorky best friend. People say Saturdays are for the boys, but to you, Saturdays are for you and Bucky. "Morning Wanda, morning Y/N," he greets. No, its not, Peter interjected, smiling at you, I think we have the same brain or something., Yeah Your voice trailed off as you stared back at him, Weve been spending so much time together., You guys have been inseparable, MJ said and Ned retorted, Youve been sleeping at her house, Peter., For Romeo! Peter defended himself, Romeo likes having both of us there. Peters face is red, and youre sure that yours is as well. {peter parker} Youd been together for maybe four months, dating for a few weeks before that, but you still couldnt get over how adorable Peter looked when he was focused on something. And you were half asleep, groggy and half deaf because of the stupid fireworks outside, but Peter was kissing you and you loved him. Taking a step forward, you knew it was now or never. Prompt: You are an Avenger and Clint Bartons daughter. Peter took your bottom lip between his teeth and bit it softly. Peter youre so adorable! you squealed. Youre cute, you stated bluntly. "I-uh, I have to go," you stutter, eyes on the ground as you brush past Peter. Well, to be fair, that is the only reasonable explanation. You slammed the textbook that was laying in front of you, shut, and slumped your head onto the table. ", i laugh "yeah, sorry about that it's just that-" i look at the two of them, staring at me and walk outside "i love to give hickeys and seeing them just makes me happy", i hear her laugh on the other side "i know what you mean. I didnt see anyone while you were away.. She pulls away from you, and you see Peter right behind her. You grabbed his face between your hands and kissed him, one hand resting on his stomach as you leaned forward and tried to keep balance. "Your neck!" You stick your tongue at the doorway in response, even though you know Peter cant see you. Thank you., Ned and MJ stared at the scene before them, looking back at each other in confusion, So, Ned coughed awkwardly, Brads party is this weekend . I love you, Y/N," he whispered. Deciding to pull up your sleeves, you stretched your right arm out and yanked on the sleeve with the other hand. Are you hurt? What were you guys talking about before I came? Peter asks. You're gonna have to carry me.", "What are you smiling about?", and "You're lucky you're cute." Summary: Y/N and Peter have been friends forever, including a regular meeting to get coffee together and catch up on their lives. Earlier that day at school, you had asked Peter, Ned, and Michelle if they wanted to go out after school and maybe get some churros and hang out. Listen, hes not going to man up anytime soon. Reader X Peter Parker (First Person POV) "Stay," you made half of an attempt at trying to get the love of your life to stay, but you knew the repercussions. There are enough cops out there to handle it for now, Peter said. The first time you noticed him become flustered because of you, was when you were talking to him at your locker at the end of the day. Oh, haha Peters face turned red too, blushing in embarrassment. I cant believe you guys thought I brought someone over.. Oh my god! Dropping the mirror, you look at everyone in the room. Y/n is the daughter of Tony Stark. Its a few minutes later when Peter is out of the bathroom and back in the bedroom. field trips to Stark tower. You can do whatever that is later. Steve doesnt talk about his past because he thinks you dont like hearing about it. Michelle said she had better things to do, and Peter and Ned had looked at each other before saying they were busy. He pulled his hands away from you and grabbed his shirt, pulling it over his head again. Looks like it wasnt that bad for you while you stayed here. With that, Peter turned away from you and went towards his room. No one came over. I love it. A/N: Yall Im still obsessed with Tom Holland and I cant get out of this Spiderman phase aaahhh!!! Tired Peter sneaking into your room after a night of crime fighting. Yeah, thanks (y/n).". Theres a pink flush on his face as he sits back in his seat across from you. Blinking at him, you shake yourself a little to stop staring at his chest. He flopped down onto the bed beside you, and you felt yourself jump as his weight hit the mattress. . Thats so hot, man. You scared me.. Eventually, she was sent to New York City, far from the ruins. Bringing the mirror up again to look at your neck, you gasp as you see the place that you punched yourself was now bright red and very obvious with your revealing shirt. Whether it be the pet names you called him just to tease him, or the kisses and touches you gave each other when you were alone in the privacy of his room, or the compliments you always gave him every time you saw him, or the way you dressed up only for him when the two of you went on dates together. Hands grabbed at the pillow you rested your head on, violently pulling it out from underneath you and slamming it on your head, trying to drown the voice. I love you too, you say back. I just hope I dont get rejected, you say nervously. Me, I will probably be the personal assistant of your personal assistants., Its okay, Pete. ", Tony nodded and took a seat across the two of you. Peter smiles. Is everything alright in there? May called. Warnings: slight cursing and maybe its lame and cheesy but other than that, nothing, Authors Note: repost from my other account. You were great up there.. "I have a question for you.". Anything cool happen? Im going to go ask for some ice. And a flustered Peter gets up from the table, trying to hide his red face from you. Like a friend right? She has you and Peter posing side by side against the wall in the classroom as she pulls out her phone to take pictures. Y/N! Spinning around, you saw Peter making his way towards you. All tiredness leaving your body, your eyes shot open to find your handsome, shirtless boyfriend towering over your body. "Aren't you supposed to be doing your school work?" You really did get the better end of the deal when you started dating Spider-man. The marks looked painful. Also that hes a huge dork who watches Youtube videos on how to kiss, The few times that you make Peter Parker flustered, College AU where you and Peter live together. I accidentally punched myself in the throat. Classes to take and colleges to apply too. Its not a hickey. Vulnerable. He grew silent and his face solemn when he saw it was you that walked in. You felt a shift in the mattress as Peter shied away from the light, turning to his other side. In a romantic way.. He kept his face hidden from (Name), so she wouldn't see his smile and guess that he was the one who had put the rose in her locker. Have you guys lost it?, Peter looked to you, Maybe we can go see a movie during the day? You awoke and grunted, mumbling and asking what time it was. You didnt wait for anything else, you turned on your heels and raced towards Peters room. That dude is like ridiculously in like with you.. She forgets about Peter An Andrew Garfield oneshot collection including him and the characters he plays! But then you went home and Ned being Ned, snapchats everything like hes living the life of a famous vlogger, and sends the snaps to his friends which included you. Oh, I made sure he came, Aunt May chuckles, and you laugh with her. After a while, he still hasnt moved and his arms are still down, not touching you. The person will have a matching tattoo, so if you end up seeing someone with the identical tattoo" He continued. I have to go talk to him now dont I?. (y/n), where are you?. SMUT WARNING. Its nothing, really. you panicked and felt awkward for having to tell them what they actually are. Wait, what the hell? Your hands traced his skin on his stomach and Peter shied away. You both also had school, which was why you both decided that Friday evenings were the best time for you to just relax and be around one another without any distractions. Its no big deal, dont worry about it. What? Peter immediately clings to you, pulling you closer by your waist so that your noses are touching. You jutted your lips and made a face. You cant feed yourself and you cant walk. He looked over at you and you were snoring, laying against his shoulder with your mouth hanging open. (Y/n) is very frightened to see him and her son goes forward ready to protect her at all costs. Shed kick me out if she walked in on us making out or doing something else, you said. He was so sweet and you two were basically connected by hip. You were a brilliant mind that always thought two steps ahead, sneaking around became a second nature for you. Before your knuckles could touch the door, it was yanked open to reveal a shirtless Peter. You actually came! Let me get a picture of the two of you together! Aunt May exclaims. Until, thanos snapped. But when you are making something quick to eat in the kitchen and your hair moves exposing your marks, Thor and Steve think they see bruises on your neck. Which should be easy enough you have done it before. "Y-yeah. Oh, you say quietly. #wattys2018 Mhm Peter grabs your hands from his hair and pulls them to his face where he presses a kiss. You come home after spending the evening with Peter. Just let me finish fixing this real quick, (Y/N), Peter said still focused on his web shooters. Genre: fluff Request Description: Please may you do a headcanon where the readers a new actress in the mcu movies and plays as Bucky's daughter and when the director's introduce her Chris E, Chris P, Sebastian S, Tom Hidd & Robert D are super proud because she's worked on numerous movies with them before and they're . And maybe I should have a dog for the sympathy factor-, (Y/N), come on, Peter said cutting you off. I w smut. He dropped the phone in his hand and caught Peter off guard. CLEANER THAN THE FLOORS O y/n met peter parker one time at the one of the university bus stops & shared a pizza with him in the rain. You come home after spending the evening with Peter. This is like the fifth time Im calling you. You both stand there staring at each other after your outburst. (Y/N)! you hear someone call your voice in your dressing room, which was really just a classroom that was blocked off and made to be a dressing room. Hes supposed to already be warm, you say as you switch off the lights and get under the covers. Seeing as he was the only person around that . Its right here. Peter reaches out a hand, brushing his thumb softly at your cheek, his finger lingering on your skin for a moment too long. He knew it couldnt be a good thing. Looks like you had some fun while we were gone. Sam wiggled his eyebrows at you. also that hes a huge dork who watches youtube videos on how to kiss, Warnings: theres making out and it gets kinda heated (dont read it if youre a baby child!!). Peter Parker/Reader Tony Stark & Reader Characters: Peter Parker Tony Stark Steve Rogers Additional Tags: Gender-Neutral Pronouns Soulmate AU for reader Stark!Reader Fluff Domestic Avengers Avengers Compound Language: English Stats: Published: 2017-04-02 Words: 1324 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 13 Kudos: 633 Featuring: Peter Parker and you :), mentions Ned Leeds. The four of you planned on having lunch together at school a few days after the bathroom incident. Theres a bouquet of roses in his hands, and he shoves it towards you. You sighed and turned to Steve, not sure what to say. Come on, dont just smile awkwardly. "Well, why am I killing you?". God, Im gonna kill myself, you mumbled under your breath as you went to the bathroom.