Whether grass-fed, paleo, vegan, or keto, we are committed to using only the purest ingredients to meet your exact nutrition specifications. Once the product is ready, you sell it exclusively under the name (brand) you choose, and market it how you want. We created a fiber blend that is like no other in the category: a breakthrough combination of both cotton and synthetic fibers. Offers safety products such as back supports, earplugs, eye ware, fire extinguishers, first aid products, signs, tapes, and sorbents. We specialize in the development and manufacturing of laundry detergent, dish soap, green cleaners and more: Contact us for the most up-to-date listings of our private label feminine care products. Click edit button to change this text. Manufacturer & distributor of standard & custom corrugated packaging materials, plastic bags & cushioning foam products. There is an estimated 4-12 week lead time from the date you place your order to shipping. Various products include abrasives, caps, nuts, screws, safety and medical equipment, chemicals, bolts, anchors, tablets, chains, clamps, locks, cottons, fittings, hand tools, air compressors, carts, wheels, ladders, jacks, winches, coffee, chucks, creamers, washers, wipes, chisels, cases, chargers, gages, funnels, gloves, pads, gels, generators, frames, freezers, gears, chairs, batteries, systems and tapes. We offer a complete range of high quality beauty products for make-up artists, salons, spas, estheticians, or anyone who wants to start their own line. Additional products include sanitary pads, sanitary napkin disposal bags, napkin dispensers and sanitary napkin containers are available. Regukar Flow Sirona Periods Made Easy Premium Applicator Tampons, Packaging Size: 8.5*9*8.5 Cm. Working with Rauscher means that you will not only have the support of a corporate group with considerable retail experience but also a partner with quality products that you can rely on. Applications include hazardous location, parking lots, industrial, residential, commercial, chemical plant, construction, hospital, warehouse, hotel & bank areas. Onoxa offers a revolutionary platform for online skin care businesses, enabling you to launch your own branded product line with . Selection includes adult and baby diapers, underpads, washcloths, underwear, bladder control liners, tampons, baby wipes, toilet paper, and paper towels. They are selling quality organic soaps that are vegan and light on the earth. Its absorbency is higher than that of a Standard Super Plus tampon with a rating of six droplets. We have invested a lot of energy in research and development and have many innovative patents. Albaad leading and global tampon manufacturers. Under this program, you would begin by selecting the natural skin care private label products to buy. There are many additional advantages of organic textile existed, such as environmental management. We will always suggest products with the best history of stability. The extremely smooth surfaces noticeably minimises the friction resistance. Distributor of janitorial, cleaning, and sanitary products. Private label products require a low minimum initial order, while offering a wide range of private label beauty products allowing you to start your own line very quickly and with relatively low . They are innovative products, satisfying the dynamic buying patterns and requirements. Contact us now! Thomas Register and Our innovative product technologies and best in class standards ensure that our products are safe, effective and exceed our . A special processing technique prevents fluid from soaking into the thread so the thread stays dry for removal. Leasing, rental, repair and maintenance services are available. All our private label beauty and personal care products are produced as a third-party manufacturers. #1 Onoxa. With an impressive research and development team, our consumers have the benefit of custom organic skin care products for their own product line; private label and custom formulations are available. 1. The primary one is, EU Regulation 834/2007, that has recently replaced the acknowledge EU Regulation 2092/91. Even the littlest details are given attention to confirm that our clients receive the most effective product to be offered. Competitively priced, available in varied specifications, features and packaging options, customized to meet specific market requirements. We have a limited range we private label under our natural skin care and organic body care program, contact us today for more details. Distributor of tampons. Personal care products include shampoo, lotions, soaps, napkins, wipes, hand sanitizers, gloves, and toothbrushes. CONTACT US ABOUT PRIVATE LABEL. Apparel and Textile Manufacturer. We have 6-8 lane lines capable of producing both synthetic and paper filter, and a 4-lane line available for small runs. If you would like to have a private label product certified organic there is a $500 processing fee for the certification of each product, plus an annual $300 organic certification fee for each product. Distributor of flushable vending tampons. Popular brands include Lola, Seventh Generation, L.Organic, Natracare, The Honest Company, Cora, Organyc, BON and more. . Thus, what are the key purposes to give certification for organic textiles of apparel and textile manufacturers? As an organic skin care manufacturer, Nutrix manufactures private label and wholesale organic skin care, organic skin cream and organic moisturizers. These fees may change from time to time or depend on volume. Calle Limache 3405 oficina 73 Via del Mar, Chile . Also well versed in wovens, bottoms and accessories, we're well known for speed, efficiency and quality. This foreseen about manufacturing organic apparel products forced Organic Apparel USA to study on this organic vesture issue in a very detailed way. We produce private label tampons for some of the world's leading and big-name retailers and chain stores. Diaper, adsorbent pads, incontinence briefs, babies pants, fluff towels, tampons and liquid soap are available. Whether we're creating a unique fiber blend to help promote skin health or offering a more discreet tampon wrapper, we always consider a woman's entire experience. 11 junio, 2020. The tampon has a rounded tip for easier insertion and a soft, thin non-woven cover making it very comfortable to use. Contact Supplier. You then supply the labels to our specification. Distributor of feminine hygiene products including tampons. For the better part of the last decade, Intelligent Blends has been innovating and refining our services to become a leader in . Alkaline Body Balance Booklet with Food Chart. Incontinence, baby care, feminine hygiene, and household paper products are offered. Bethany, OK 73008, 300 North MacArthur blvd, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73127, As a company, we have a MOQ of 200k - Capsules/Tablets Look for the Dri-Fit logo on select feminine care product lines. Distributor of packaging supplies and material handling equipment. They have unique characteristics in terms of appearance, design, quality and performance. In organic textile producing, the method got to be adopted technologies and environmental management techniques that enhance a discount within the use of chemicals, water and energy. We have scalable operations to accommodate the demands of small and large orders. L x 3 in. Alkuhme Choosing your Private Label Natural Cleaning Products 1. True Brand Private Label Retail 9. Advanced Technology,Efficient Production. Organic Apparel USA LLC is now one of the most reliable and demanded manufacturers in world wide. The 4 things you need to know about How to use a sanitary napkin, Sanitary napkin OEM needs to prepare what work, Walk into Bingbing Group sanitary products manufacturer, The top 10 menstrual pad manufacturers in China, Business starts from the feminine hygiene products market. We ship the products directly to you. Distributor of napkins & tampons. Antioxidants include vitamin C, vitamin E, carotenoids and many phytochemicals. G&O has the capability of producing most formats offered in the marketplace with core competencies in formulation development and . Available material handling equipment includes carts, shelving, boxes, and trucks. This lead time is subject to your labels being approved and arriving on time. Offered in 500 per CS. All download material, e.g. Common examples of private label products are . Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Privacy Statement and One of the largest footprints of private label vitamin manufacturing facilities in the USA. Thanks to our short decision-making process andour dynamic process management, we are able todevelop and obtain patents for new innovations for tampons time and time again. Thus, you can have confidence in this sincere care. woodbury youth basketball. They have unique characteristics in terms of appearance, design, quality and performance. Sadly, we have to accept that standard cotton farming and conventionally manufactured apparel products are chemical dependent. The benefits of feminine hygiene products. You can order up to three boxes at a time an customize your order to come with your choice of light . As you can imagine, 15 years ago, underlying the issue of organic clothing was a long-sightedness approach. 5700 North Rockwell Avenue, Building 2 All Rights Reserved. Our private label coffee solutions are available in 100 & 24-count club packs, 18-count mass packs and 12-count grocery packs. Products such as incontinence pads, sanitary napkins, panty liners, and tampons are available. In Stock Balms. Environment: we respect our planet producing products made with natural and organic materials, biodegradables and eco-friendly. Wild Thyme Botanical is a small manufacturing company owned by a mother-daughter duo since 2001. 80 / Pack. 1k kilos - Powders. Available in folded and flat styles. Moreover, Organic Apparel USA offers its clients a perfect delivery for their orders. Private labels across staples, food, and personal products are increasing swiftly. This huge amount of knowledge about organic apparel makes Organic Apparel USA, one of the wisest and experienced manufacturers with its worldwide manufacturing facilities and more than 300 employees across European Continent. 2. revenue in 2021. We use state-of-the art technology and adhere to the rigorous specifications at all of our manufacturing locations. Available janitorial supplies include bags, liners, papers, brooms, brushes, chemicals, deodorizers, matting, mops, and receptacles. Company. Tradis, Inc. is a global provider of private label products, including diapers, baby products, feminine hygiene, tampons, hygiene wipes, adult diapers, health and beauty, and more. We produce private label tampons for some of the world's leading and big-name retailers and chain stores. Distributor of feminine hygiene tampons. Serves the retail, institutional and healthcare sectors. file size: 256 MB. Fire damage restoration services can also be provided. As you can see, being an organic apparel and textile manufacturer is a difficult thing with all of these complicated production processes and being careful about the manufacturer you are about to work with your organic or custom clothing line is nearly a must. Innovation-driven to create the best absorbent products in feminine care, Product lines available with Dri-Fit wick moisture 2x faster *, One of the first to offer premium quality for store brands. The Twist & Open System means that the tampon can be quickly and easily removed from its individual wrapper. Our biscuit recipes have been private labeled for dogs, pigs, horses, and rabbits too. Request a Quote. We have over 25 years in our role as Tampons manufacturers and as wet wipes manufacturers in general, and as one of the market leaders when it comes to quality tampon manufacturing. Finding private label manufacturers can be as simple as making a Google search. Distributor of tapes, stretch film, janitorial equipment & supplies, sanitary products, wrapping & flexible packaging, strapping, typing products, shipping room supplies, food packaging products, shrink film, labels, wine packaging products, safety supplies, agricultural packaging products, food service products & office supplies. Products include labels, dispensers, V-boards, boxes, cartons, caps, clips, crimpers, cutters, disinfectants, envelopes, bags, tapes, bandings, mailers, mats, napkins, pads, air pillows and adhesives. Chemical selection includes cleaners, degreasers, bleach, detergents, disinfectants, herbicides, insect repellents, and insecticides. Haircare Products Manufacturers. Tampon Market is valued at USD 4.19 Billion in 2020 and expected to reach USD 7.07 Billion by 2027 with the CAGR of 5.37% over the forecast period. Connect and transact with thousands of top North American companies today, Displaying 1 to 25 out of 32 suppliers | Filter Results.