Hi Momoko, thank you very much. Its richer and creamier, and usually a little sweeter, and like I mentioned, the creaminess usually tones down the chili heat and sourness a bit. Janice that Tom khlong which uses tamarind instead of the kafir lime for the sour flavor. I like to use something called nam prik pao () in my recipe for tom yum, and its especially necessary if you make the creamy version. Dear Mark, Hey Anastasia, thank you very much, glad you enjoyed it! This is my 2nd recipe from this site. Sprinkle 1/4 cup fresh cilantro leaves on top just before serving. You are Siu Mai type. I tried the recipe and it was excellent. Hey Patricia, often for tom yum its fish sauce that makes the soup salty, but you could add some salt if needed. We had so much fun making this. I made it exactly as written, the only adjustment was 6 Thai chiles instead of 10. Youre welcome Mali, glad this is helpful! It really is one of the best soup in the world. I saw you video with Andrew Zimmern, very cool. Your video really helped. Will let you know how it turns out. Also, surprised that its not complicated. The soup itself is also amenable to being frozen just keep the shrimp out, which might turn mealy upon reheating. thank you for posting such a great and authentic recipe. I made the clear Tom Authentic Tom Yum Recipe () with Shrimp, Tom Yum Goong () soup is one of the most well known dishes in Thai cuisine, and in this recipes you'll learn to make the authentic Thai street food style version. Reduce heat to medium and simmer for 5 minutes. After I find the nam prik pao. Yes, this soup has a dressing. My apologies if I have offended you or any reader. To prepare the soup, you can either use a prepared tom yum paste (called Nam prik pao) made up of chilies . Thank you for the great recipe. This is soooohhh good! Have a great day! Hey Glenn, thank you very much, glad you enjoyed this. Nothing else. Thank you very much I used about 10 Thai bird chilies (prik kee noo) for this recipe, but you can use however many youd like. It was delicious. Puedes ayudarme? Hi Kang, great to hear from you, thank you very much glad you enjoyed this recipe and the tom yum. Take care and cheers. I visited Sri Lanka about 4 years ago, and it still remains one of the top countries Ive ever visited. Using the leftover broth for rice tomorrow. This recipe is IT, though!! You could alternatively add just 1 spoon of fish sauce and then use salt. Thank you again! Thank you! Thank you so much for the recipes! My favorite! We eat a lot of Thai food n yours do look authentic so I am going to try your recipe! One word: WOW! This was fantastic. I am starting to learn step by step Thai cuisine and I really love it. The makrut lime plant is used more for its leaves than its fruit. Place the lemongrass, makrut lime leaves, and 1 quart unsalted chicken stock or low-sodium chicken broth in a medium pot or large saucepan. I made the creamier version for my mummy today. Excellent article Mark, I really enjoyed it. Puns make for great jokes that will either make people laugh or groan. If youre using shrimp for this tom yum recipe, you might get some foam build up on top of your soup, in which case you can just lightly skim it off the top and toss it out. Hey Dave, nice to hear from you, thank you for sharing. Also chop 1 small carrot, 5 to 6 french beans, slice 1 to 2 shallots or pearl onions and finely chop 2 to 3 garlic cloves. Remove and the discard the lemongrass and lime leaves. You can still make Tom Yum with real coconut milk too. I never seen thai people used garlic for Tom Yum. Aiala, Hey mate, kaffir in the broth or leave them there? amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Thanks pal. Normally in Thailand coconut milk is not used in tom yum, but its used in tom kha. Thank you! I WILL BE VERY GLAD TO GET THE RECIPE OF TOM YUM SOUP CHICKEN. Food here in the Philippines is boring and very simple. Thanks a million for your comprehensive vedio presentation, we now enjoy real Tom yum. But first, watch the video for exact detailed instructions: (If you cant see the video, watch it here: http://youtu.be/lCmAvdvRC3U), Time: About 30 minutes You can put on the lid just so it starts to boil and release all the herb flavors quicker. The recipe is clear, detailed and easy to follow. Cara membuatnya pun tidak sulit, sobat dapat menyiapkan tom yam creamy soup hanya dengan menggunakan 14 bahan dan 3 langkah saja. Through my recipes, Im aiming to provide a realistic amount of ingredients of how youd find the dish in Thailand. Much appreciated, as I love asian food of all kinds. Tom Yum Goong is one of my favorites. Thank you,will love to hear from you and preference is only vegetarian no meat. Hey Clara, youre welcome, hope you enjoy it. A Taste of Heaven. They Use ginger and chili, coriander herb, mushrooms, shrips, lemongras, galagal and kaffir. It was awesome and everyone in the family wants it again. Can I use anchovy paste instead? Both were soo good!!! I made the clear version with shrimp and squid and it turned out perfect! As a senior ,its way above my daily salt recomendation, Then took them out near the end and added the tails so they didnt over cook. In a pot, bring 3 cups of water to boil. Im looking forward to trying the many other recipes youve been so kind to post. It takes slightly longer to extract the flavor since I do not bash the lemongrass and tear the kaffir lime leaves. I guess this speaks volumes about the recipes authenticity, so I look forward to cooking more of your recipes. Awesome!!! The only problem is, where I live, we dont get kaffir lime leaves or nam prik pao. Sour Spicy Tom Yum Soup with Snakehead Fish, Roasted Chili Jam and Green Mango (Dtohm Yam Bplaa Chaawn, ..) Peel the shrimp and remove the heads. I used thin sliced chicken breast and shrimp as the meat and also added scallions with the cilantro at the end. If I buy a shrimp dish in Bangkok what quality can I expect? Hey Jayantha, haha, thank you so much for sharing your story! amzn_assoc_title = "Things used in this recipe"; Cliff, thank you so much. I have made this twice and its so delicious, thank you so much. Remove the pot from the heat. 10 Thai Chilis were way to hot. I make a base stock now and freeze what I dont use. No, not whole. Thanks for sharing the recipe, Mark. There I found even a single tablespoon of the condensed milk was enough as it got too creamy otherwise. Enjoy! I made the creamy version of this soup but with chicken and WOW!!! Everybody who tried my tom yum liked it very much.. I substituted the zest of two limes and sliced ginger. Reheat gently in a pot over medium-low heat or in the microwave. Thank you for such a thorough explanation and step by step guide:)Super excited to try it out!! I had to substitute some things because I cant get out w the pandemic. Place them in a medium soup pot. Hi Kochy, good to hear from you, glad you enjoyed tom yum so much. When you smell kaffir its lovely smell & taste in food. They are a bit much whole! Then just slice it diagonally into 1 inch strips or so. I just made and ate this. This would help with people like me that like some heat but dont want to burn our lips off. Then slice them. For the roasted chili paste, its mostly dried chilies, shallots, garlic, and sugar I think, all roasted down. Im sure the head chef there is Thai, although the menu is a fusion of Thai and Szechuan. Love the sound of this recipe. cant wait to try this recipe, thank you so much! Definitely will come back to refer to it again and make another in a bigger bowl! ITS WAS THE MOST APPETIZING SOUP I EAT . Good grief this was good! Your recipes always turned out good when I made them but sometimes somethings were off, especially long it took me to figure out the coconut milk amount/water solution, but that is largely a matter of different brands available around the world. You may need more of each, but start with that. I think the ingredients are very similar do you have any preference? Also loved you video! Cup noodle: Cup noodles are precooked instant noodles with flavoring powder and/or seasoning sauce sold in a polystyrene, polyethylene, or paper cup. Add the shrimp head and shell to make shrimp stock. Thanks a lot dude. I would like to see some kind of heat scale attached to each recipe, say from one to ten like Resturants use. She cooks every day, and somehow eats even more often. It consists of shallots, lemongrass, fish sauce, minced fresh ginger or galangal, shrimps, mushrooms, kaffir lime leaves, lime juice, and minced Thai chili peppers. Hi :) I didnt see this in the instructions, but before adding the meat, I strained out the lemongrass, lime leaves, chillis, galangal and garlic. Hey Stuart, thank you very much, I cant take credit for that idea its done like this all over Thailand but I agree, its a great way to cook shrimp! Mark. Awesome. Try couple of sliver green part of lime peel next time, no bay leaf ok. Glad you love tom yum as well. The recipe is definitely spicy and I love spicy food, so if you dont like your food spicy i recommend only using 2-5 chilies and/or taking all the seeds out (make sure you wear gloves if you do this. But you can really use any kind of shrimp or other meat of your choice. Your recipe doesnt even mention it. Tom yum is characterised by its distinct hot and sour flavours, with fragrant spices and herbs generously used in the broth. There are 2 different types of tom yum, the clear version and the creamy version, and there's directions on how to make both types. Sounds good Lawrence, let me know how it goes! thank you. I made the clear version and its awesome!!!! Hi Sin, no problem, thank you for the suggestion. Utensils: Large saucepan For kaffir lime leaves, you could add just a squeeze of lime. I have tom yum paste and dried herbs. Good food, Puns/Jokes & Food for the Thoughts. And the lemon kiffar leaves what if I cant find any what else can I use. Wow! The most voted sentence example for tom-yum is Never before had I had chili i. Pour the water into the pot then bring to a boil. Its so amazingly good! Adjust sweet (sugar), salt (fish sauce) and sour (lime) to your taste (trust me, you'll know when you like it!). Hi Grelyn, good to hear from you, glad you and your husband enjoy prik pao. Hope I can manage to do it. Thank you so much for bringing Thailand to my home kitchen. I personally love it with coconut creamand extra coriander and spring onions.. Its hard for me to tell whether the soup needs more fish sauce or sugar, as I dont cook with them very often. All of the aromatics (lemongrass, makrut, chiles) freeze beautifully, so you should buy them in bulk and keep them wrapped and frozen. Its convenient to read and print. Did I miss something there on my maiden voyage? Thats amazing to hear James, thank you for giving my recipe a try and glad you enjoyed it. Ramen, a Japanese noodle soup, is sometimes . My family raved about it ! Hi Erica, thank you very much, and great to hear you enjoy Thai food! A pun is a funny way of doing wordplay. // ]]> For myself, I like both versions of tom yum, and it sort of depends on which mood Im in. Instead of evaporated milk use coconut milk. I will certainly try yours but I cant imagine it without tamarind Go figure. This soup will now be in regular rotation this fall. Sounds good with noodles as well! Hey Neil, very cool to hear from you. Hey Erfan, great to hear from you, glad you had a nice trip to Thailand and enjoyed the food. I lived more than 8 years in Thailand and moved to the Philippines. Thank you for this recipe and your site in general. However bay leaf & kaffir are different taste. I really enjoy how nicely you show all the steps how to make the Tom Yum. She calls it Tom Yum Seecron(sp) Moo. What I love most about tom yum goong () is the flavors of lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, fresh Thai chilies, and fresh lime juice, that all combine to create a healthy and soothing broth that will light up your taste buds. Tom yum goong nam sai () is tom yum with shrimp in a clear broth, while tom yum goong nam khon () is the creamy milky version. Is this a variation youve seen? I also cut the heads of the prawns and let those cook early on. Preparing the creamy version today. Sometimes the Vietnam Hua store has them fresh, often not. You are a great chef and very good teacher. Your idea of leaving the heads and tails on the shrimps but taking the shell off the bodies is a masterstroke, because the shells will lend flavour to the soup, wont they, but without making them awkward to eat. Yum and will be defo making this again! Like the tom kloang, fish is the meat of choice and it can be anything found in . So what alternative you could suggest for these 2 ingredients? really great!!!! I did find a lemon grass paste, dont know how well this would work?? Slice about 10 limes and juice them all into a small bowl, and set them aside for later. Next time I will leave it whole and take it out before serving. As for the red paste, its probably prik pao? I admit I didnt have galangal so I used ginger and nam prik pao instead of fresh chilis (yikes! Don't sweat if a pun has to be explained to you. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Great recipe! As a matter of fact they are VOONDERBAR. Tom yum Puns. Thanks. Renata. This is actually one of my favorite soups! I was so happy to have found all these ingredients today. But straining them out would work well also. Im struggling to get galangal here in the UK so my dish lacked that this time. Now its time to make my own. Using a meat mallet or the side of a knife, smash the lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, onion, chilies, and galangal. but I have a question. when I order Kweh Diao Sen Lek Tom Yum, they seem to have a red paste that they add to the regular clear soup its aroi mak mak (very delicious) and Id love to be able to replicate that at home too. Combine the tom yum paste and oil in a bowl, then add the sweet potato . Stir in sugar and fish sauce, simmer for 1 minute. Keep filming and penning the recipes. Just went through the net and found your recipe. However, I went to a restaurant in Ayutthaya a few months ago, where I got to eat a traditional style of tom yum, that was incredible, so Im hoping to make the recipe for that soon too. A list of Tom yum puns! Thank you for the great Tom Yum piece Mark, it was excellent and very informative. Great to be able to make this from fresh rather than supermarket jars etc. Thank you for posting and sharing the recipe. lemon grass, kaffir leaves, galangal and all the veggies. I brought home one of those stainless pots with place for a burner underneath are those just for serving the soup at the table? The reason I spell it goong is because kung is ambiguous, it could be pronounced koong or kung, as in sung. So I spell it goong for the long ooo sound. 'Tom' refers to the boiling process of the soup, meanwhile 'yum' literally means 'mixed' and is known for the hot and sour flavor with plenty of fresh herbs and spices. I used 6 T of fresh lime juice. You mentioned on your post that this isnt the fancy type I wasnt aware of the other type and wondering what you meant by that. Thank you again and keep cooking Thai food! Keep enjoying Thai food! 2. I like the clear version, though if I order it at a restaurant here (in South Africa) I always have to explain beforehand as they normally make the creamier version which probably caters for the western palate more. Whether you're looking for cute birthday puns to write in a card or funny one-liners to post on social media, one (or more!) Next time I would like to do the creamy one,. This was easy and fantastic. We order this dish every time were at Thai. Im not totally sure how to make it, but I will try to make a recipe in the future. It is one dish that easily turns into plant-based. Place the lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, garlic, and shallot in the boiling water, and let it simmer for fifteen minutes. I love this recipe. This looks amazing! Would take this opportunity to invite you to my country for a vist. Enjoyed it both clear and with the condensed milk/chilli oil. Hi Mohamed, youre welcome, glad you love tom yum goong as well. My wife doesnt like flavor of fish. I share it with everyone who asks about that aroma in my kitchen when I cook a batch up. Thanks a lot for all the stuff you post, this website is my go-to for thai food, and I like the way you put up recipes, with some more description and stuff, awesome work, keep it up! Hey Karen, glad you enjoyed it, thank you! Hah, thank you very much Risa, really appreciate your kind comment, and glad you love Thai food!! Im looking forward to making this!!! Kaffir leaf is very citrus smell & gives special taste. Lots of thanks. Love it! Im not sure if its as good as the Tom Yum youve been eating, but its certainly quality fare for my neck of the woods and I somehow know you would like it a lot. Add the mushrooms, 8 ounces peeled and deveined large or jumbo shrimp, 2 tablespoons nam prik pao paste, and 2 tablespoons fish sauce. This one is more updated than the other versions, and this is my preference. Ladle into bowls and serve with fresh coriander and fresh chilli! THANK YOU MARK. I would make this again. Hi Mark, We often make food to share at work. I loved that the ingredients could be roughly chopped and added. The Best Spicy Thai Soup (Authentic Tom Yum) - YouTube 0:00 / 11:49 The Best Spicy Thai Soup (Authentic Tom Yum) Joshua Weissman 7.51M subscribers 956K views 1 year ago One of the best. Tom Yum is one of the best known Thai dishes, a spicy, sour, and aromatic soup that is traditionally served with rice. The fish sauce has 1250 grams of salt per tablespoon, Thank you so much. I had Tom Yum a few times and got addicted. It could also be the brand of fish sauce youre using, some taste fishier. Free Bonus: Click the button below to download a PDF copy of this tom yum soup recipe (for FREE). My favourite dish. We ate around it and it was still awesome. Hi Austin! As for mushrooms, hmm, actually eggplant is a great idea, and I think you could really substitute anything of your liking maybe cauliflower or zucchini, or just add more tomatoes and white onions. My mummy actually likes it and took a second helping! Its so fresh and clean! Thank you for sharing this recipe! I will try some of your other recipes. Now prepare your shrimp (or whatever meat of choice youre making tom yum with). Whats up Mark! Glad you love tom yum! Prefer tum yum with reddish color, but without the milk. HI MARK, I EAT TOM YUM SOUP CHICKEN IN MBK BANGKOK ONE WEEK AGO, I CANT FORGET THE TEST OF THIS SOUP. Hey Renata, very cool to hear that, glad you love tom yum as well. See also Bangkok and the Kingdom of Siam It just fell into my laap. Bring it to a boil. Easy to make and easy to follow. 2 spring onions, trimmed and thinly sliced. I love it :) This is by far one of my most favourite dishes!! For this recipe, I took out about of the tom yum and set it aside as the clear version, and then made the other as the creamy version. Thank you very much Maribel, great to hear that! kindly send me the recipe for tom yum soup seafood, Tom Yum gong nam sai is the best soap ever. I am a senior Cancer Specialist doctor in Sri Lanka. I just want to let you know that you are my favorite human being on this planet. Keep calm and curry on. I did the Tom Yum Goong Nam Khon the other day (though I toned down the heat a little bit, my family couldnt really take too much of it), and my God, it tasted amazing! My husband love tom yum soup. Waste of time and ingredients. Its definitely a keeper! I subd lime with lemon juice since I didnt have any limes, AMAZING still!! I have not yet made this recipe with shrimp and have used vegetable broth or just plain water with whatever protein I have around and all have turned out delicious! I usually make it clear with chicken so went cloudy and it tasted so good Im doing it again tonight with prawns. I made this tonight with just a couple of substitutions to be closer to what I used to get at my favorite Thai restaurant (long ago burned down) in Memphis. And so easy to make! Couldnt find the kaffir leaves but didnt seem to make a difference! At this stage, youll need to taste test and evaluate. Wow this was incredible! Trim off about 1/2 inch from the root end of 1 lemongrass stalk and 2/3 off the top. Great flavors for hot and sour soup. Its the most authentic Tom Yum Ive found online. My first time making it and your directions allowed for easy adjustments. Thank you again, Ill try to get more recipes out soon. I'm sorry if this is against the rules, but I'm planning a Bowie themed dinner for my husbands birthday. And also make sure you add the lime juice at the end of cooking and make sure its sour enough I think that will combat the fishiness of the fish sauce. Asian, South American, African, European and Pacific nations. Thailand Food Puns This is the best Thai food I've ever pad. I live in New Zealand and I am lucky enough to have kaffir lime leaves and lemon grass in the garden. thanks so much for the recipe! Popular brand of nam prik pao () in Thailand. We loved this recipe! Definitely one of my favorites. When I went to the market before making this recipe, there was a nice supply of goong mae nam (), or freshwater shrimp, so I had to go for them. I just made this for dinner and the flavor is amazing! Nam prik pao () is basically a Thai roasted chili sauce thats packed with flavor and usually bought in a can these days. Boil the tom yum for about 2 - 3 minutes. Usually in Thailand we use Tiparos brand, which to me is usually quite smooth. Trust me, it came out so well even my family did not believe me that I did it. I can see that its going to be appearing often on the dinner table. In this tom yum recipe, Ill be showing you how to make both versions, depending on which style you prefer (they are both common in Thailand). The protein can be anything you want like chicken, beef, pork, tofu, or just vegetables only. Add the fish sauce, sugar, and Thai chili oil. I am sure it has changed. My mom usually cook this when Im sick and it really makes me feel better. Note: If youre looking for a Thai coconut milk based soup, check out my tom kha gairecipe. If you love to eat tom yum soup (), you might already know about two main distinct variations of the dish. But ingredients can be relative to location (like limes or chilies are not all the same strength depending on location or climate), and thats why Thai food is all taste based, and made according to ones own taste. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; How do I make Thai Chilli Paste myself since its not easy to find the chilli paste here in KL, Malaysia. Recipe size: 1 pot of soup, probably about 5 6 bowls I used to work as a flight attendant and once we stop at Bangkok i change and get my tom yum soup. Great website ,all the information i need in simple directions..thanks for your effort. I have been trying to make tom yam soup and it always turns out into a tomato soup. Devein the shrimp and set aside. We drive all the way to. Made this tonight with chicken and prawns. These are the two most popular soups outside of Thailand, and while they both contain similar ingredients (lemongrass, makrut, lime juice, Thai chilies), there are distinctions that set them apart. Garry. Hey Subur, Im happy to hear your tom yum turned out so well, glad you enjoyed it. I have many Asian friends who make it and all use it. Actually I miss Thai food so much I allmost go cracy. Hi Mark, I made this recipe last month and am now craving it already again!! Flavors: Salty and sour, amazing soup I love my very own Thai kitchen & your recipe. Tom Kloang Pla Salid Makaam On from The Local (Bib Gourmand) Tom som. You now have Tom yum goong nam sai (), the clear version of tom yum. Thank you Kitti, haha whipped cream, might have to try that! I made this recipe but just half. Thank you so much. The Tom Yum at this place is absolutely and brutally excellent, sporting a satisfying spicy sourness, the bowl full of all kinds of lumber from pieces of lemongrass and galangal, and chocked full with tomato, mushrooms, and prawns. Thank you very much for recipe, I will definitely cook it again and again and again! I just tried to make this tom yum goong nam sai and it was excellent! Thanks mark for the reply Im awed and inspired through your travel video in youtube around the globe s Will definitely try another recipes that you published here. Hi Shayne, good to hear from you and that you like tom yum. Eating this right now. Got a freezer full of pastes and had massaman curry this week. Ive used this recipe so many times. Thank YOU! It was simply amazing! David Chan, Wonderful recipe mark. I hope i can get that prick pao paste here in qatar but what if its not available here,do you have any substitute for that chili paste? Used parsley and ketchup instead. Just the way I had tested authentic Tom Yum inThailand couple years ago