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The Swallow has invested in the appointment of a health and special needs teacher. 
This teacher plays a very important role, as he can provide support on various levels: the teachers, the children and their parents, the school. 
Every child is carefully monitored for weight and growth. 
Measures are taken whenever signals are seen of malnutrition and/or slow growth, in cooperation with the parents. And there is a daily free luch for all children and staff.

There are sport activities, health classes and many other activities on health. Children learn to take responsibility for their own health and their environment.
Theschool encourages children taking this message home. We even have a mother group doing sport activities together!

Sometimes special one-week projects are organized with kids and youths about health topics.
A lot of attention goes to well-being of the children at school: box full of feelings in the nursery school, cooperative activities, positive approach, clearly structured approach, classroom rules in consultation with the children, etc.