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Life skills

Human needs are basic needs for everybody, whether child or adult. From an emancipating point of view, we need to develop a society which is focusing on the needs of the people (and not on the profit of multinationals). Emancipating education is focused on the general wellbeing of children and youths: as well at present, during their schooling as for the future, when adults. If the educational sector wants to contribute towards emancipation of the society, teaching cognitive knowledge only will not be enough. 

There are life skills and attitudes, which youths have to learn in order to establish not only this self-awareness and fulfilment of own individual needs, but as well to take up responsibilities towards emancipation of the society.

We translate this towards ‘life skills’ as formulated by WHO (World Health Organisation): coping with responsibilities, with stress, with emotions, interpersonal relationships and communication, self-awareness, empathy and solidarity, problem solving and decision making, creative thinking and critical thinking.