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The Swallow as a model school

The Swallow wants to be a meeting place and a source of inspiration for the renewal of education in The Gambia.

The main activity is a nursery and primary school, where other activities are related to: the integration of health education, youth work on food security & health. All those activities are not fully developed yet. Will they ever be? The Swallow is always experimenting with new ideas. However, the first results are calling for the next step of action: the dissemination of positive experiences. After an official school visit by the ministry of education of The Gambia, they gave a total score of 92.99% and wrote in their report: (this) 'school should be used as a model centre for other schools to visit'.

In addition to the daily work of The Swallow, an international and a more scientific level is very interesting. This program gives a broader dimension through exchange possibilities with other countries and educational centers. This is what ‘Afrodidact’ is about: proving and promoting the ‘best practice’ example of The Swallow towards other schools and educational organizations. In this matter during October 2014 an evaluation mission was organized with some Belgian educational experts, with a report about the pedagogical and organizational approach of The Swallow as result. You can read the full report here.

Visit the website of Afrodidact here.