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Special needs

Basic needs are a key concern of the school, for all children but even more for disadvantaged children. 

Health and safety, hygiene, welfare of the children receive great attention, as well as many other activities related to health care.
There is much attention for all children who need extra care: extra activities for fast learners, additional instruction for disadvantaged, children work in small groups in the classroom, mother tongue is used when necessary, etc.

The school manages to welcome children and adults with ‘special needs’ and to integrate them in a holistic way. Deficit thinking (in which a person coincides with his shortcomings) is avoided as much as possible. Society is diverse, and so be the school. 

The school is also committed to the development of the neighborhood. 
This is reflected in the employment of a handyman, a guard for the school area, a tailor, a secretary, a book-keeper, a shop-keeper and staff for the kitchen.