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In The Swallow you can observe a strong effort to establish a clear structure. 

During the activities, the repetitive character and the principle of repeating give the toddlers a safe feeling. The teachers create opportunities and make room to ‘fix’ experiences, to integrate and to assimilate them. In the nursery section already, a strong emphasis is put on cognitive performance as well.

The pupils do many things together, especially in the afternoon and in this way collect many experiences. The children are invited to listen to each other.
Teachers draw up schedules which are regularly checked by the principal, and corrected if necessary. On request from the teachers, workshops can be started; there is room for additional team-oriented training. 

Teachers reflect on the learning contents and try to strike a good balance between objectives. In this vein e.g., they pay attention to ways of dealing with feelings, to a listening attitude, to the independence and entrepreneurship of toddlers… there is a wide offer of knowledge and skills. 
What is striking, in a positive way, is the open, receptive style of the teachers.

One tries to look at toddlers from a development-oriented perspective and to develop methods to teach the manipulation of materials.
In general, there is an orderly and focused learning climate. 

Striking is the strong focus on gender equality.
(Out of the evaluation report of Belgian experts, 2014)